How to Survive Antifa and BLM Mobs and Riots

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 29th, 2020

The Democrats on the hard left as well as the media who carry their water carriers must in some way, shape or form be held accountable.

Please be sure to watch the video, it clearly demonstrates the violence and destruction they carried out last with few of the captured.

Riots And Flash Mobs Survival Strategies | Prepper's Will

For starters, stay home and do not under any circumstances leave home.

For the last 50-years or more riots have been blamed on racism.

This is likely to be true in a very small percentage of them.

Continued failed leadership in the Blue States, Counties, and cities are a result of the majority of the cases.

Town Hall

Julias Rosas

July 29th 2020

The Republican side of the House Judiciary Committee played a video montage of the violence that has been occurring in the United States since the death of George Floyd at the beginning of the committee’s hearing with Attorney General William Barr.

The montage, which included the video taken by Townhall, was played on Tuesday as part of Ranking Member Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) opening statement, which has no time limit. The Democrats, who are in charge of the hearing, cut the video shortly after it played for around seven minutes.

“There is no time limit in opening statements. They cut [the video] because they are scared of the truth,” a Republican source on the Committee told Townhall.

“I hope Mr. Jordan will never complain about the length of my opening statement. Without objection, I will insert the Committee’s audiovisual policy into the record of this hearing. And note the minority do not give the committee the 48-hour notice required by that policy,” Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said after the video was cut.

The montage included moments taken in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, and Portland. It shows rioters attacking police officers with fireworks, rocks, and bottles. Video also showed the looting that has occurred in various cities and it showed the moment when rioters set the 3rd Minneapolis Police Precinct on fire in May.  

“We have the obligation to protect federal courts, and the U.S. Marshall specifically has been given that obligation. Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it ok to try to burn down a federal court?” Barr asked lawmakers during the hearing.


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3 Responses to How to Survive Antifa and BLM Mobs and Riots

  1. malenurseken says:

    Looks like a peaceful protest!


  2. Stop the Corruption! says:

    America is now where the rubber meets the road! It is very clear that the Progressive Left has been the liars about the facts. The MSM have also been Liars! President Trump is well within his allocated powers to protect federal property. America is now at a watershed moment as to personal protection.

    I for one am convinced this situation is exactly why there is a Second Amendment! Of course, high capacity magazines are necessary to have enough rounds to properly defend yourself, loved ones and property. The best answer for the rioters is stop and stop right now!

    This riot behavior is not acceptable and needs to stop. Let the police defend themselves against these violent attackers!

    If these rioters were bused into the area find the buses and impound them and trace back to the owners. These violent rioters need to be put into jail for their crimes!


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