Report: NFL Expected to Play Black National Anthem Before Season Opening Games

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 3rd, 2020

The NFL Commissioner Bud Guidel and the NFL ownership had a chance to end the entire nonsense of taking a knee for good.

Internet mocks NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about couch 'risk' - Houston Chronicle

NFL Ownership Below: Goodell and the leagues owners could cap their salaries.

That’s right, pay the players no more than a million dollars per year and if the are injured playing the game continue paying them until the end of the year.

What are they going to do? Start a new league?


That didn’t work out for the two leagues that tried.

3 years after Kaepernick took a knee, the NFL is back to business as usual - Vox

Instead, they let the NFL continue to be to show case and pander to black racism.

Proper Anthem Protocol Order for Civilians:

When the U.S. Flag is flown on U.S. Soil it flys the highest as does countries flag in their homeland.


Face The Flag

Remove You Hat

Place Your Right Hand Over Your Heart

Those most blacks didn’t know there was a black national anthem it’s quite nice and perhaps should be played when the game is over and the fans leave the stands. certainly not before the United States National Anthem is played before the game.

Bigots Beware: White Athletes Are Becoming Sympathetic to Anthem Protests | The Nation

U. S Soccer team great has agreed to stand during the National Anthem per the new rules issued by the league.

Last year, the San Francisco Forty Niner’s were among many teams with mostly unfilled seats.

They got away with it last year because season ticket holdershad payed for their tickets which are not refundable.

This will not be happening in the upcoming season.

49ers stadium is a very empty, extremely lonely place when it's hot -

Let’s face it, politics and sports don’t belong on the same venue.

Illustration by Madeline Slusher
This shows three football leagues and the different salaries that they paid their players on average.

Breitbart News Service

July 3rd 2020

Dylan Gwinn

The NFL reportedly plans to play a song titled, Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing, also known as the Black National Anthem, prior to every season opening game this year.

The song, according to a source to ESPN, will be played prior to the Star-Spangled-Banner.

According to ESPN:

Early last month, commissioner Roger Goodell in a video admitted that the league had erred in how it handled peaceful NFL player protests of police brutality and systemic oppression.

NFL: Booing Commissioner Roger Goodell Is Good For League's Draft-A-Thon Fundraiser

Goodell condemned racism and affirmed that Black lives matter, pledging his allegiance to the players in the battle for equal justice under the law.

Also in June, the league revealed plans to increase its social justice footprint by pledging to donate $250 million over a 10-year period.

The league hopes its efforts demonstrate ‘a genuine commitment to the public, players, and coaches and that player voices continue to be heard,’ the source wrote in a text message.

‘This is key to educating fans, and becoming a prominent voice in the fight to end racism.’

The NFL is also reportedly considering other social justice measures, such as listing the names of victims of alleged police brutality on team uniforms.


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2 Responses to Report: NFL Expected to Play Black National Anthem Before Season Opening Games

  1. GP Cox says:

    I already hear people threatening to boycott the NFL.


  2. MaddMedic says:

    Done with the National Felons League…Have cut back much over the last few years…Now? Nope..


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