Nine out of Ten Native Americans aren’t offended by the WashingtonRedskins’ name

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 3rd, 2020

Comment, nor should there be. American Indians were fierce warriors and that is the association with the team.

Perhaps most disappointing of all is that the U.S. taxpayers are paying for this type on nonsense when they were elected to do the business of the people.

With all of the ANTIFA and BLM going on in the streets, I can understand.

As yourselves when will you get involved when you no longer have property because it his been burned to the ground?

by Blaine Traber

July 3, 2020

9 out of 10 Native Americans aren't offended by the Washington Redskins' name

As if we didn’t need more contentious issues to rise up in America in 2020, FedEx has asked the Washington Redskins to change their name because it’s supposedly offensive to Native Americans.

Say what?

It’s time for members in Congress who have been whining about this to turn their sites on the Dallas Cowboys, after all, Cowboys killed Indians were killed by cowboys didn’t they

It wasn’t prompted by an event.

But it was likely felt as pressure from the Cultural Marxists either within or from the outside of FedEx that prompted their CEO, Fred Smith, to make the push.

FedEx owns the naming rights to the Redskins’ stadium and Smith is a minority owner.

This is all part of the divisiveness the radical left is engaging in throughout the nation.

Is this a response to outrage?

I haven’t seen any out rage, has the reader?

This is becoming a problem and there is a list of companies that you may choose to boycott; There are hundreds to chose from be aware and pick 4 or five.

If there is any bet it wast ginned up by the media son they could have a long term story to pimp, never mind it’s just another of their made up lies.

Are Native Americans speaking out and calling the name offensive?

Generally, no.

In 2016, the Washington Post did a poll to find out if Native Americans were offended by the NFL team’s name.

Nine out of ten said they were not.

Fast forward to August 2019, and WaPo tried to do the poll again.

After all, “woke” culture has been spreading so they assumed more Native Americans would have come to their senses and realized they’re supposed to be outraged.

They weren’t.

Once again, nine out of ten Native Americans surveyed were not offended by the name.

It’s as if they have better things to do than to cater to radical leftists and their woke demands.

This push by FedEx, mainstream media, Nike, and others to vilify the Washington Redskins organization is about forcing social justice on people who have more important things to do than whine about a football team.


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