Bail reform laws let criminals back on the streets within hours, threatening public security

By Jim Campbell

June 4th, 2020

Coming as a surprise to no one, particularly those that created the legislation, the bail reform laws lead to more criminal behavior on the streets.

New Jersey Bail Reform Releases Man Who Kills Baby The Very Next Day

Called mysteriously the Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act, Proposition 47 in CA does the exact opposite. [Source]

The leftists in America want to destroy our country and the Republic for which it stands.

It’s time for the American electorate to rise up and throw these fools out of office.

Hundreds of looters and rioters arrested by the New York Police Department over the past several days have been immediately released due to the state’s new bail-reform law that some say is turning the criminal justice process into a mockery and threatening public safety.

© Provided by FOX News The NYPD reports nearly 500 burglary arrests, as the majority of the suspects have already been released due to local bail reform laws; ‘Fox and Friends’ police panel weighs in.

New York City police chief Terrance Monahan said “just about all” of the looters arrested will be released without bail.

Louis Turco, head of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association, said the violence seen during the demonstrations in New York is the byproduct of the new law that requires defendants to be released without cash bail on a long list of misdemeanors and some felonies including arson and burglary.

“This has been put in motion by our politicians that have allowed the criminal element to feel as if there are no consequences for any crime that you do and now you’ve seen this coming out,” Turco told The Washington Post. “…Now they go home and tell all their friends, ‘Listen, I got out the next day and nothing’s going to happen to me.'”


About JCscuba

I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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3 Responses to Bail reform laws let criminals back on the streets within hours, threatening public security

  1. Stealth General says:

    I foresee a huge increase in crime but it won’t just be from the perpetrators, but will be teams of vigilantes destined to purge the cancer. Liberal politicians and judges be damned!


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