The US Has Been Infiltrated By The Chinese Communist Party, FBI ARRESTS US Academics In On The Take

By Jim Campbell

February 29th, 2020

I’ve been using Tim Poll as a credible source since I found him about two months ago.

Image result for tim pool's credentials broadcaster

His broadcasts cut so clearly near reality that I’m amazed that YouTube hasn’t blocked him.

In 2011, Tim Pool didn’t hear about the Occupy Wall Street movement from the news — he discovered it through social networks like YouTube and Facebook.

He ended up seeing a video of a police officer dragging a protester by his leg, and Pool noticed that the protester’s hands were bleeding.

Image result for Images, The US Has Been Infiltrated By The Chinese Communist Party, FBI ARRESTS US Academics In On The Take

It was at that moment that Pool decided to see what was going on for himself.

He hopped on a bus from Chicago to New York City, and soon he was in the thick of things. Pool started filming and documenting the protests, armed with only his smartphone.

Before long, he became one of the foremost independent journalists broadcasting Occupy Wall Street and the events that followed online.

“My stance has always sort of been to learn and experience to try and better understand,” he told Mashable’s Zoe Fox at the 2012 Social Good Summit on Sunday.

“I like to get all the facts before I make a decision about what the answer’s going to be.” Because he gathered so much information, he realized that it was safer and more efficient to broadcast everything live with the UStream mobile app.

On Nov. 17, 2011, a notable day of protests, he reached an impressive 750,000 viewers.

However, due to the ban on the commercial use of drones, Pool says they are reluctant to use them.

“There [are a] million things that need to be built that [are] going to change and further decentralize the ability to share information,” he said.

“As time goes on, we’re going to see more and more people with the ability to share information with each other.

Bringing more people into the conversation is really what is going to create what I consider social good.”

A social warrior of the Obama type he is not!


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