Why Nancy's Folley Will Not Result in the Impeachment of Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate

By Jim Campbell

January 18th, 2020

The term “super-majority vote” refers to any vote by a legislative body that must get more votes than a simple majority of votes in order to win approval.

In the 100-member United States Senate, a super-majority vote requires a 2/3 majority or 67 of 100 votes.

It’s never mentioned by the media or anyone in Pelosi’s Congress.

Bill Maher host’s Nancy Pelosi of his opening session of Comedy Central in January.

Maher is a flaming liberal who’s shows is broadcasted from the Comedy Central location in NY City, giving the appearance that the audience is filmed in from of a live audience given the mistaken appearance that they are some sort of cross-section of America.

Well now you have it, Pelosi is more full of crap that a recently killed Christmas goose.

Her charade that she pulled off by her minions in the House was not fact-based by relied upon their delusions to come to their conclusions.

When she smugly asserted that his impeachment in the House will be “Forever,” it would have been more appropriate had she called it a lynching because that’s exactly what it was.

Why is it that Pelosi won’t appear on the Ingram Angle and take Ms. Laura’s questioning.

It’s obvious, just the thought of being interviewed by Ms. Ingraham exposes Pelosi for the truly vapid fool that she is.

Richard Nixon resigned the presidency on August 9th, 1974. He was succeeded by his appointed Vice President, Gerald Ford. On September 8th, 1974 Ford granted Nixon a “free and full” pardon.


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1 Response to Why Nancy's Folley Will Not Result in the Impeachment of Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate

  1. malenurseken says:

    I love listening to Laura I She is a true patriot helping this country


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