“What War, There Is No War, These Are Counter-Terrorism Operations”

Comment by Jim Campbell

January 4th, 2019

The war against fundamentalist Muslims and their groups that exist to carry out acts of terrorism the world over.

Nope, not close. It’s time to send Obama back to Kenya where he belongs.

By M. Dowling – January 4, 2020

“We can confirm that in the past several days, General Soleimani had been traveling in the Middle East coordinating further imminent large-scale attacks against U.S. diplomats and service members.

These threats were highly credible, and the intelligence is sound.”

It was to be known as the BIG ATTACK.

Walid Phares was on Fox Business with host Lou Dobbs and Fred Fleitz, President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy last night to discuss it.

Phares praised this action against Soleimani.

The President took out Iranian aggression and terror without waging war, he explained.

“People are talking about war.

What war?

This is not happening,” he said.

 “These are counter-terrorism operations.” He did the right thing, he concluded.

The Democrats are angry they weren’t told beforehand, but it’s obvious why, as Mr. Fleitz says — it would have leaked.

Mr. Fleitz explained that “Congress, Democrats have politicized national security to such a point that the President could not trust them with information that would put lives at risk.” The President did the right thing, he stated.

Lou Dobbs said, why would anyone think that these people — trying to unseat him — should have any details in advance?

Walid agreed with Fred’s assessment and mentioned Fred’s been inside the government and “knows these things.”

The Unthinkable Corruption

Dobbs asked both guests if the Pelosi et al reactions are tied to preserving Obama’s legacy over the safety of the American people.

Fleitz said there is some truth to that but it’s really about Democrats refusing to accept the legitimacy of the election.

The corruption of the Democrat Party is unthinkable, Dobbs noted.

Walid agreed and added almost as an afterthought that he doesn’t understand why the opposition is sticking to that Iran deal that no one wants.


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7 Responses to “What War, There Is No War, These Are Counter-Terrorism Operations”

  1. Dajjal says:

    @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @netanyahu What war? What war?? What war??? The first Goddamn World War, Moron!!!!! Islam vs everyone anywhere who does not embrace Islam. Declared by Muhammad, in the name of Allah, In Surahs Al-Anfal & At-Taubah against pagans and people with scriptural religions, respectively. Those are fight until loops terminated by Islamic monopoly on worship, cessation of resistance and “people of the book” being subjugated & extorted in a state of subjugation, acknowledging the supremacy of Islam. it will end when there are no remaining Muslims to carry it on. Cause them to quit believing or quit living, otherwise they will eventually mate a nuke with an ICBM and it will be game over.

    Run this Google Search: “scribd Kab Ashraf Jihad Updated”. Read it’s quotes of the most relevant passages from the Qur’an, hadith & Islamic law. Read them again and again until reality penetrates your thick skull.

    Muhammad did not stop at preaching Jihad, he attacked local Jewish settlements and marched on Byzantium. He dictated and dispatched extortion letters to regional rulers. Waquidi preserved them in his sira; I want you to read them and get clues. Search: “archive Ibn Sa’d”. Open the book to page 290. If you tire before reading the letter to Aylah, turn to page 308 and read it. If that does not make your blood boil, have a doctor check your vital signs. His caliphs built an empire that stretched between China and France.

    Moe told his followers they’d go to war or to Hell. War is their Get Out Of Hell Free card. They can not stop until they are apostate or dead. Make them one or the other if you want peace.


    • JCscuba says:

      Well said Ben, Agree Completely. I want to see the mullahs all targeted, things will change. The dissients need weapons and ammunition so they can put up a serious fight. Would that even be possible?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dajjal says:

        It would probably be difficult. Khsshogi might have been just the one to pull it off. There are others, some not trustworthy. Of course we could always do a few air drops.

        But (there always has to be one) “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”. Not all change is improvement. The change from Saddam to Shite was not an improvement. We must select apostate rebels to aid.


      • JCscuba says:

        Thanks, Ben, nothing worthwhile is easy. Reminds me of WW II and the Polish Resistance against the Nazis with their guns and guerrilla tactics the sent a bunch of lock steppers to an early grave. Hitler of course was a fan of Islam.


      • JCscuba says:

        My understanding was that Saddam was a Shite, am I wrong?


  2. malenurseken says:

    Ive a question! Are the MUSLIMS capable of causing a complete shutdown of electric and electronic grid! What do they call that MPI????? Detonating a bomb in atmosphere above the target country? That will cripple!


    • JCscuba says:

      It’s called EMP Ken. I don’t sense Trump wants to harm the Iranian people especially dissidents, or hospitals or places that require refrigeration. I’m thinking he will keep tactically bombing high-value targets there. Bet on it that we have Spec/Ops as snipers targeting people the would likely be of Iranian descent so they could blend in.


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