Second airstrike targets Iran-backed forces in Iraq

Comment by Jim Campbell

January 4th, 2020

The group claims that medical units were in the convoy that was hit.

It matters not that the leftists/socialists believe in Pelosi’s Congress.

Rational minds with pontificate on how this will put more Americans at risk through lone wolf attacks on U.S. citizens at home or abroad.

In the scheme of things does it matter?

They will continue to commit acts of terrorism when they chose.

Let us not forget the murders from the Boston Marathon bombers!

The first attack failed on the trade tower in NYC.

And the attack that forever changed the world the successful attack, killing over 2000 innocent people when suicide bombers flew they’re hijacked, passenger jets successfully into the Twin Towers, destroying it completely.

It goes on and on with the infamous underwear bomber to the shoe bombe among others that were unsuccessful due to the coordinated efforts between Interpol an the FBI.

The new evidence against Tsarnaev is a recorded statement from a known associate, Ibragim Todashev.

  • Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Thursday asked an appellate court to overturn his conviction and death penalty sentence for helping carry out the 2013 attack, which killed three people and wounded more than 260 others.
  • Lawyers for Tsarnaev, 25, argued in a brief filed with the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston that a lower-court judge’s refusal to move the case to another city not traumatized by the bombings deprived him of a fair trial.

According to the Florida state prosecutor, Todashev allegedly implicated himself and Tsarnaev during an interview with the FBI.

There are audio and video recordings of the statement.

But here’s the rub. Todashev was killed just a few minutes after making that statement. shot by his FBI interrogator. Seven times.

The Florida prosecutor ruled Tuesday that the FBI agent was justified in shooting Todashev. 

Apparently, as Todashev was preparing to write a confession, he flipped a table, knocked down a Massachusetts state trooper and came back at the officers with a metal pole.

The second Air Strike ordered by President Trump was a message to the entire terrorist world.

Mess with the U.S. and its forces stationed around the world.

President Trump’s actions are Reagenesqe.

Look no further than the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979 and how it was resolved the moment Ronald Reagan one the election.

The next day all of the hostages were released.

United Press International

By Hamdi Alkhshali

January 4th, 2019

A convoy including Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces was hit by an airstrike early Saturday in north Baghdad, killing and wounding several, according to the PMF.

Vahid Salemi/Associated Press Protesters burn a U.S. flag during a demonstration over the second U.S. airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian Revolutionary members

“The initial report indicates that the strike targeted a convoy belonging to the medical units for the Popular Mobilization Forces, near Taji Stadium in Baghdad,” the PMF said in a statement.

Iraqi state news also reported a strike against the paramilitary forces.

The action comes a day after an airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump killed a top Iranian commander, Qasem Suleimani, at a Baghdad airport.

Trump said Friday that Soleimani was plotting “imminent and sinister attacks” on Americans.

Iran called it state terrorism and an unlawful criminal act. [ Next up U.S. and allied forces begin assassinating Iran’s mullahs.]

[The U.S. Military under the direction of President Trump calls it a preemptive attack.]

The move marks a major escalation in regional tensions that have pitted Tehran against Washington and its allies in the Middle East, raising the specter of further regional destabilization.

The strike, condemned by Iran and its allies as an “assassination,” has been met with concern by European officials and the United Nations, who have called for de-escalation.


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14 Responses to Second airstrike targets Iran-backed forces in Iraq

  1. malenurseken says:

    Im sure it will de escalate unless Iran decides to do something stupid like retaliate

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    • JCscuba says:

      The Iranian mullahs are ignorant Muslims, but they aren’t stupid. They keep fooling around. Afterall, Obama’s Preseential Library is bein stored in Iran until Obama returns as their caliphate. Thanks Ken, J.C.

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    • JCscuba says:

      I’m not sure in today’s world Ken we can trust anyone. Fox Mulder the X-files~”Trust no one.”

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  2. All I know about the people from the UN is what I PERSONALLY SAW! In 1986 and 1987 I lived in Jersey City. My apartment was across the street from a WHOREHOUSE! Nearly all of their CUSTOMERS drove cars with DIPLOMAT PLATES! Also, when we ventured out to shop for groceries, we had to cross two busy streets. If you looked behind you before stepping off the curb to cross and saw a vehicle with diplomat plates coming, you had better wait until it had passed. They would run you over in the crosswalk and FACE NO CHARGES due to DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY! When my neighbor and I approached the grocery store, an old red car would pull up, get the BLIND SHEIK out, lead him across the sidewalk to the stairway to his mosque, which was upstairs above the grocery store. We would yank the door open and hold it for them. They thanked us very politely. Turned out- – the FIRST BOMBING OF WORLD TRADE CENTER WAS HIS IDEA! He died in a FEDERAL PRISON!

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    • JCscuba says:

      Granny, once again you are correct. The game would be shut down if we didn’t want diplomatic immunity for our spies in foreign land. Hindsight tells me had you known any better you would have slammed the door on his neck.

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  3. Dave the Differentiator says:

    OK for President Trump. Time to even out the playing field. The past is just that = past. President Trump is sending a loud and clear message to the radical Muslims world. STOP! You are the Terrorists and you are killing innocent people. When you make plans of terrorist acts and are found to be working on executing your plans then America will kill you.

    The lies are expected and not of consequence. Explain how these Iranian military units were in Iraq? Why was the terrorist General from Iran even in Iraq? America did not invade Iran. Actually, it was Iran who was in Iraq illegally.

    Thank God for President Trump!

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    • JCscuba says:

      THE Iranians were in Iraq whom they have joined in a symbiotic relationship with Iraq, the fight the Palestinians. For my money, I say get the hell out and let them kill themselves. Remember they are Sunni v Shia, different sects, that enjoy killing each other in an act called “Fratricide.” Thanks for the comment, hope that answers your question.


    • JCscuba says:

      Indeed, Iran was in Iraq doing what it does. So their towel head General gets snuffed in the process. Shit happens. When you are part of the military you know it’s possible and in this case probable because he was a tyrant. Is that the reason Iran is playing with fire? Hell no, it was part of a plan that isn’t going to work because Trump takes his oath seriously unlike the sniveling Lefties who follow Pelosi’s delusions.

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  4. Dajjal says:

    @readlDonaldTrump @POTUS #ItIsJihadStupid!!! It never stops until there are no remaining Muslims to wage it. Tit for tat strikes are worthless. Strategic and exterminating strikes are required. Old Harry showed the way in 1945.

    When you whacked Gen. Solemani, you should have sent an A10 to strafe his funeral procession and each of the thousands of resulting funerals. Withdraw from the Geneva Accords, tell the UN to ‘rass their restraint and get serious about bringing the existence of Islam to an end.

    You needed to act decisively when Iran crossed your first red line. Failure to act emboldened them. What were you thinking when you said we do not seek regime change? Hell with regime change!! ‘Religion’ change is required: from Islam to apostate or dead.

    Use your State Of The Union Address to demand establishment and full funding of a department of apologetics and polemics to contradict the Islamic ideology and plant the seeds of apostasy.

    Now you have a new rocket attack to avenge. Make air strikes on the bases of the group that launched them. Bomb their rocket arsenals. Then institute the strike you almost made against Iran. Take out their SAMS, then their air force, navy and missile arsenals. Mop up their centrifuge sites!!


    • JCscuba says:

      I love it Ben, no arguments here. But you did leave out their oil refineries. Staffing the funeral procession would have mad me renew my pilot’s license if we could have dropped napalm on them, then follow with high altitude bombing for three straight days with Big Blues, 24-7

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  5. malenurseken says:

    I seen a good one today. TOON. The SALAMI asked Trump if he was going to send them a PALLET full of money! Trump answered back and said YES go to the AIRPORT! Wait for it!

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