Dying For Freedom Iran’s Death Toll Hits 450 Iranian Dissidents

By Jim Campbell

November 27th, 2019

The mulla driven theocracy has terrorized peace-loving Iranian citizens.

Teheran is guilty of systematic genocide of its own people which in of itself is considered by the U.N. to be war crimes.

The United States taxpayers are supporting this effort by funding support to the dissidents with the goal that their uprising will eventually succeed.

For the most part, idle rhetoric which is not base on reality but delusional.

This dictator along with the rest of his cabal may be feeling some drone strikes in the not too distant future.

Iran’s Counsel of Resistance above.

Secretary of State set’s the record straight with Tehran.

He has essentially drawn a land in the sand will serious consequence to come it the so-called leadership doesn’t fall in line.


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9 Responses to Dying For Freedom Iran’s Death Toll Hits 450 Iranian Dissidents

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    So, how many people are killed in Chicago every month?

    What is America doing trying to insert our beliefs and customs in all of these other foreign nations? What is the end-game of this crap?

    Certainly there is injustice all over the world. This statement has been true for as long as I can recall. The Peace Corps were created to bring some advancement to primitive nations. Raise their standard of living as I recall. America’s government needs to come home and tell other nations the Monroe Doctrine is still in effect!

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  2. I knew a lady who married in to the family of THE SHAH. When she tried to leave, SHE got away, but had to leave her daughter behind, did not see her for YEARS!

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  3. malenurseken says:

    I think AIR strikes should be done! END this BS once and for all! They want to threaten USA now! They have NO idea the little pipsqueaks they are. EVEN with the PALLETS of MONEY OBUMMA sent them for their NUKE arsenal, They need to rethink the consequenses! Even N KOREA had more sense!

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