Well I woke up this morning and everyone rejoiced: Until we thought about Hillary Clinton

By Jim Campbell

October 31st, 2019

There was music playing, people drinking in the streets, bands played until well-past 3:AM, and there were no arrests.

What are they rejoicing about?

Hillary Clinton is not our president of course.

The Clinton’s: New York’s Sixth Crime Family (Source)

And that was only through 2015, they, without doubt, committed more crimes since then, they had plenty of time.

Don’t forget Chelsea, who knows about as much as any college graduate, “Next to nothing,” who commands $100,000 honorariums for speeches about God only know what?

H/T GruleDog for the image of the crowd.

Well, it’s not really the end until they are all in prison or shot.


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4 Responses to Well I woke up this morning and everyone rejoiced: Until we thought about Hillary Clinton

  1. Orange is the NEW BLACK! Let her stagger around in THAT!


    • JCscuba says:

      That will work, I was hoping she would be executed before her Size 8 5XXXXX orange pantsuit arrived. Your job granny is to Go to Iran and intercept the package. Please don’t give the tired old whiny “I’m to old crap” I would trust you in a knife fight with Hagi’s and skinnies in the same foxhole or as they are called for politically correct reasons, IFP Individual fighting positions. Should you fail no one will come for you, we don’t know you. The mission never existed. You will rot in prison. P.S. I still think you are hot xoxo J.C.


  2. I would LOVE TO, Jim, but this is the day I have to trim my toenails. Maybe some other time- – –


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