THE TRUTH OF PELOSI & IMPEACHMENT: McCarthy: No way this is taking place in Congress

By Jim Campbell

October 20th, 2019

The Democrats have been desperately searching for a pretext for impeachment that won’t get them laughed out of Washington.

Is the latest scandal?

Hyena Breath

Pelosi is way over her head.

The base of her party has been apoplectic for the better part of three years.

Not without help — from the moment that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, elected Democrats have carefully built up a sense of panic and scandal around the Trump administration, a sense that, in fairness, has been unwittingly and clumsily abetted by the behavior of the president and his aides.

Escalated by the breathless outrage of the media, a shroud of illegitimacy has enveloped the Trump White House from Day 1, and this shroud has, in turn, allowed the base of the Democratic party to avoid facing democracy’s colder realities, such as: Sometimes you lose.

And it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault — not Russia, not racism, not rednecks — but your own.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to pretend otherwise.

First came efforts to undo the Trump presidency via the Electoral College by flipping enough electors to reverse the result (watching progressives, I must add, make use of the electoral college’s anti-democratic features was quite a sight to behold).

[Synonym: Progressive Democrat=Whore]

After that failed, a California Democrat launched an “Impeach Trump Leadership” PAC, meant to coopt the impeachment pretexts du jour — emoluments-clause violations, speculative mental ailments, Representative Al Green’s impassioned say-so — and give each of them something like professional sanction.

Then, of course, came the Russia probe, with all its unseemly partisan pomp: the trivial “bombshells,” the seething media firestorm, the discursive public hearings, the televised predawn arrest of Roger Stone (helicopters in the air!), and the theatrical build-up and relative inconsequence of the Mueller Report.

All the while, the adult wing of Pelosi’s party sat idly by, never drawing any substantive line between itself and the ceaseless outrage and hyperbolic furor that so characterized their fellow Democrats.

Pelosi, for her part, realized the electoral harm that had been wrought by a rabid, vindictive coterie of progressives in her party.

She told The New York Times Magazine:

Yes, on the left there is a Pound of Flesh Club, and they just want to do to them what they did to us.

I have those who want to be for impeachment and for abolishing ICE. Two really winning issues for us, right?

In the districts we have to win? I don’t even think they’re the right things to do.

If the evidence from Mueller is compelling, it should be compelling for Republicans as well, and that may be a moment of truth.

But that’s not where we are.

But now that House Democrats might — might! — finally have sufficient predicate to pursue impeachment, Pelosi faces another challenge: to convince the American people that this iteration of Trump hysteria is the genuine article and that this animal is different from the one that gave birth to Rob Reiner, Keith Olbermann, and the rest of the farcical hyenas who made such a mockery of the Russia probe. (Source)

If Nancy Pelosi didn’t have the uncanny ability to raise money for the left she would be no more useful in Congress than a potted plant.

McCarthy: Pelosi answered only two of 10 questions on impeachment… This is bad.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on what happened inside the Trump-Pelosi meeting, Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, bipartisan legislation for sanctions against Turkey and House Republicans’ plan to censure Rep. Adam Schiff.

Censuring Adam Schiff would be a complete waste of time.

In general, each house of Congress is responsible for invoking censure against its own members; censure against other government officials is not common. . Like a reprimand, a censure does not remove a member from their office so they retain their title, stature, and power to vote. (Source)

Since the members in the run-away House of Representatives is held in the majority by the left, what are the chances they would censure one of their own?


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4 Responses to THE TRUTH OF PELOSI & IMPEACHMENT: McCarthy: No way this is taking place in Congress

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Adam Schiff is an outright LIAR! With the 2020 Election cycle about to move into the active phase the Democrats have a major credibility problem.

    Adam Schiff has lied and done it is such a manner as to remove any doubt of the dishonesty of the Democrats. So, just who in the Democratic Party can the followers trust? NO ONE is probably not the right answer if you want to win an election but does appear to be the correct answer.

    The long promised disclosures of the Corruption in America’s Government will be released sometime soon – we hope! IMO = both sides will be exposed as to their corruption. The issues that both parties should be debating have yet to come into focus.

    The budget is a major problem. America simply must cut back spending. Then there is the immigration issue that involves the cost of benefits such as welfare, then the increase in crime and drugs to name a few. The very idea that America must adopt the language of an illegal invading population because they are not being properly cared for by their own government is so far out of line with reality that it is difficult to understand how it ever got to be placed onto the issues table.

    The issues of Social Security, voter ID’s, Welfare costs and such are also going to be a big part of the Budget Process – no matter who wins as President.

    President has been working on the Rule of Law which is a serious problem and directly effects the TRUST of the people. The entire concept of Justice in America is based in part of the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. Then to have justice there must be Due Process of Law which involves a fair trial with various protections.

    So far the only agreed upon issues for the Democrats is that they hate Trump and will lie and cheat to have their way just like little kids.


  2. SAD! Our wonderful country is in SAD SHAPE if these crooked Dems are allowed to LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL just to ENRICH THEMSELVES at the expense of our country’s credibility. And, of course, TRUMP IS THE BAD GUY for looking in to it. Boggles the mind!


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