De Niro’s Only Scary When He’s Standing On A Box Pretending to be normal

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, I wish you would do so as you would be put in prison for a very long time.

Who knows, you might make some new friends, and odds are you new cell mate is called Bubba.

It’s sad to see a guy at one time had it all and blew it by being a cynical old curmudgeon.


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6 Responses to De Niro’s Only Scary When He’s Standing On A Box Pretending to be normal

  1. He is SOOO OVERWITH!! Robert WHO???


    • JCscuba says:

      Yep, and though he was taught to fight in the making of the movie, “Raging Bull,”where he attempted to protray the likeness of Jake Lamata, that is all Dinero has ever done. The bag of shit wouldn’t know what to do if the met up with a seriously trained individual who know how to use is knees, arm and kicks. Take DiNero to the vet and have him put down. He provides and is a waste of nigtogen.


  2. malenurseken says:

    what a POS. He is all the things he called Trump


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