“Ukraine”, Like Clinton’s Affair, is an Impeachment Loser: Three Days of the Condor

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 25th, 2019

It seems safe to say that with all the high stakes three-dimensional poker being played by the fools on the progressive, socialist left, actions depicted in Three Days of the Condor, are happening and we don’t know about it or they soon will.

Apparently, there are no people from the left with the balls to tell Pelosi to stand down.

Front Page Magazine

Daniel Greenfield.

September 25th, 2019

It’s quite possible that President Trump wanted the Democrats to push impeachment. If so, they’ve fallen into his trap.

And their battlefield starting position is notably weak. Of all the areas where they could have gone after Trump, they seemed to have picked the weakest. The Ukraine thing will generate D.C. outrage, but little outrage or even understanding from the public.

There are multiple media ‘explainers’ about the impeachment process. The biggest thing that they all leave out is that it’s ultimately the public that passes judgment on impeachment.

The media can and will do its part to sway the public, but if the public doesn’t think there’s anything here, it will die.

And the first test is that the accusation has to be comprehensible.

The Ukraine accusation is convoluted and confusing. Unlike the Russia accusation, which at least hurled a basic, if implausible, claim that Trump was a Russian agent, this is a tangled mess.

That’s why multiple media pieces urge the Dems to focus on the call, rather than aid.

When your case is tangled early on, that just makes a bigger mess.

The second test is that the public has to believe that this is truly wrong and requires removal from office.

The Clinton impeachment process ran into a wall because, rightly or wrongly, the public did not believe that lying about an affair merited impeachment. 

Even if Republicans didn’t hold the Senate, the Dems will face the same problem. 

Polls show the public already believes that their chief obsession is removing President Trump.

The Dems needed a strong hand to overcome the natural skepticism resulting from that. Instead, they decided to play their weakest hand yet.


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4 Responses to “Ukraine”, Like Clinton’s Affair, is an Impeachment Loser: Three Days of the Condor

  1. WTF? The Dem-wits are producing nothing worth reading or acting upon. It’s all a smoke screen! If the Republicans had any cojones they would be showing the public the real dirt on opposition party leadership. Just another day in Clarksville.


    • JCscuba says:

      LOL General, no kidding. they never cease to amaze or entertain. Pelosi has thrown her party under the bus. Look for us to pick up house and Senate seats. Thank for your comment, General J.C.


  2. I have heard the phrase “DIRTY POLITICS” all my life. That is the TRUE DEFINITION OF DEMOCRATS! Meanwhile, KEEP SENDING THEM MORE TAX DOLLARS so they can fly them away like paper airplanes!


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