Just one word: It starts with F

By Jim Campbell

September 19th, 2019

Ready for some amazing power?

Move to the 53 second mark for the action.

When I was in the Army during A.I.T. I bought a Monza Spider convertible, knowing nothing about lighting I went with a buddy and sat under some trees and watched a great lightening show.

Hey we had never seen lightening before.

About JCscuba

I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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2 Responses to Just one word: It starts with F

  1. JAFC says:

    My AIT was at Ft Polk back in the early 70s. No trainee POVs on allowed on post back in those days.


    • JCscuba says:

      I was a Defense Information School at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, IA. We didn’t even wear our uniforms all part of being covert, I lived off base with my wife.


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