Army Maj. Matt Golsteyn gets Dec. trial date over death of Taliban bomb maker

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 19th, 2019

We send our men and women off to war with the intention that the kill the enemy.

The days of winning hearts and minds are over.

It’s time for the JAG Corps to get with the program and understand the situation.

Perhaps the best way to do that would be to drag them out of their chairs in the courtroom and put them on the front line.

Then-Army Capt. Matthew L. Golsteyn in Afghanistan in 2010. (Office of Rep. Duncan Hunter/Released) September 16, 2019

A court-martial date has been set for Dec. 2, at which time Army Maj. Matthew Golsteyn will stand trial for the charge of the premeditated murder of a Taliban bomb maker in 2010.

The trial will take place Dec. 2 at Fort Bragg, according to an Army press release, and Golsteyn will face the charge he was cleared of in the past after the Army determined there was insufficient evidence to proceed with charges.

Golsteyn pleaded not guilty in July to the Army’s allegations that he murdered the Taliban bomb maker on Feb. 22, 2010.

Golsteyn has admitted to killing a Taliban bomb maker, whom he identified as the terrorist responsible for the deaths of two U.S. Marines he was commanding in Afghanistan, and that the act was justified during wartime.

In 2010, he admitted to the CIA during a job interview to killing a terrorist whom he said was responsible for making the bombs that killed two other U.S. service members.

There was an investigation at the time, and Golsteyn was cleared of wrongdoing after the Army determined there was insufficient evidence to charge him.

In 2016, Golsteyn appeared in a Fox News interview and admitted again to killing the terrorist bomb maker, and the Army opened a second investigation, charging Golsteyn with premeditated murder, which carries a potential life sentence in prison or the death penalty.

In March, Golsteyn waived his Article 32 hearing, which is meant to present evidence and determine whether or not a service member accused of a crime should be court-martialed. After evidence is presented, an officer is to make a recommendation to a commander on whether or not to prosecute.

In May, the Army decided that the case would move forward to a court-martial trial.

Golsteyn had been denied travel to meet with his civilian legal counsel until September ahead of the motions hearing. He has only been permitted to meet with his Army defense attorney thus far.

Golsteyn’s case previously caught the attention of President Donald Trump, who said in December 2018 that he would review the case.

“At the request of many. I will be reviewing the case of a ‘U.S. Military hero,’ Major Matt Golsteyn, who is charged with murder,” Trump had tweeted.

Trump was reportedly preparing to review pardons for Golsteyn and other service members accused of war crimes.

Trump had issued a pardon to former Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, who was convicted in 2009 for killing an Iraqi prisoner.

Trump also intervened to end the pre-trial confinement of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who was later cleared of murder charges related to the death of an ISIS prisoner.

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14 Responses to Army Maj. Matt Golsteyn gets Dec. trial date over death of Taliban bomb maker

  1. I realize that our Military must have standards of conduct, but this seems ridiculous to me. The “victim” in this instance WAS A DANGER TO OUR TROOPS! Let COMMON SENSE prevail!


    • JCscuba says:

      Right on Granny, as usual, you are on the nails. That being said, I don’t believe anyone has ever accused the media on the left of having common sense. Thanks, for your comments. xoxo Me.


  2. Dave the Differentiator. says:

    This case appears to me to be a MSM driven prosecution to make the Military the BAD Guys. The MSM has been demonizing President Trump and the Military for way too long.

    Actually, the MSM has been demonizing the Military going back to the Vietnam War. This type of spinning of the news needs to be dealt with in a more direct manner. When the public gets to decide to take abusive action against the Military because their opinions were shaped by the MSM it is time to consider action against the MSM. The bedrock legal principal of Criminal Justice is that a person is innocent until proven guilty. A Prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The Mueller Investigation is a prime example of the MSM “Spinning” the rules. The MSM and the idiot Mueller made a statement and published it over and over ad nausea that the Investigation did not absolve Trump of any crimes. What non-sense is this? The Burden of Proof is on the Prosecution and they must prove GUILT beyond a Reasonable Doubt. There was no such proof and so the Witch Hunt Investigation was terminated. Mueller and Rosenstein are guilty of Sedition and that trial is in the future! = IMO!

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  3. Stealth General says:

    The MSM and public need to stay out of this. When in war, the objective is to terminate your enemy. That’s what the Taliban bomb maker was doing, and that’s what we do. In war there is a loser and we do not intend to lose. If we cannot allow our military to do their job, then we might just have to accept losing. No way!


  4. Donna Brown says:

    Preposterous! How can this be!?
    If I had any boys military age I wouldn’t let them join the armed forces if my life depended on it!
    If this is how they’re treating our brave men and women , to hell with them!


    • JCscuba says:

      I hear you, and that’s a knee jerk response I’m hearing. Many men and woman learn discipline in the military and use it as a segway into better positions later on in their lives.


  5. Donna Brown says:

    Thank God for our dearly beloved President Trump 💛💜❤


  6. Give him a medal and some bullets coated in pig fat


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