Comment by Jim Campbell

August 30th, 2019

Comment by Jim Campbell

Finally, a happy story that shows the world hasn’t gone completely to hell in a handbasket

A beautiful young woman speaks her mind and we are better off for it.

by The Goomba Gazette

August, 30th, 2019      

This is a topic, and the ridiculousness of it I have been so adamant about through the years called reparation.

No one and I mean no one should be responsible for anyone else’s actions.

Simone Biles brother, Tevin Thomas is being charged with the murder of three people in Cleveland in December of 2018. Should she be held responsible for his actions??

The answer is absolutely no.

Simone ant the 2016 Rio Olympics

And should she be compelled to pay reparation/damages for the death of the people he killed?? Absolutely no again

Simone Biles’ brother has been charged in a Cleveland triple slaying … (Source)

Two hours ago – The brother of Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles has been arrested and charged in a New Year’s Eve shooting in Ohio thatTwkilled three people. Tevin Biles-Thomas is charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, felonious assault and perjury in a December 31, 2018, fatal shooting in …

This has been a sore-spot that has been argued through they years whether the black community should be paid preparation for what happened 200 + years ago. Absolutely not again.

If we want to be fair minded-people we have to agree that, although this is not the same time and place, it is a matter of who should be held responsible for what. If the fair-minded conclude Simone is NOT responsible for what her brother did, how can anyone arguing the citizens of the the USA in 2019 are responsible for what some lunatics (black and white) did with slavery.

Simone put the icing on the cake with this statement:

What fair-mined person can argue with that??

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  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Agreed! The wild claim that Americans are responsible for Black Slavery is absurd. Even the facts do not support the claims. There is also the statute of limitations which exists because the time clock ran out.

    Have heinous crimes been committed throughout history – YES! Is there actually a time to forget and forgive and move-on? YES!

    The Muslim Obama took America back to the HATE Mentality and it is time to stop with this foolishness!


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