A Sense Of Remorse”: Michigan Judge Gives Husband Just 60 Days For Repeatedly Poisoning Wife’s Coffee

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 14, 2019

Depending upon the wife, this could have been a reasonable sentence.

I was married to a woman, for 38 years, I would not hurt her but advised look both ways when stepping off the curb. 🙂

August 4th, 2019

Jonathan Turley

August 4, 2019

She was lucky but nearly not as lucky as he was in getting this ridiculously low sentence for a 12-year felony.

Vivano said that he gave him the low sentence because Kozlowski showed some remorse.

While he was in the middle of a divorce and started to slip diphenhydramine coffee.

She started to have blurred vision and felt nauseous.

She suspected the coffee and set up a hidden camera.

It caught Kozlowski in the act. He was shown on tape dissolving the diphenhydramine pills in a shot glass and then stirring the drug into the coffee pot.

Therese Kozlowski, makes $180,000 annually and killing her would have allowed her now ex-husband to collect $1 million in life insurance, retirement and savings accounts.

His wife claimed that Kozlowski slipped her Adderall, laxative, and then poison.

The couple’s adult daughter also drank the tainted coffee and both claimed that they almost crashed driving home due to the sleeping aid.

Kozlowski pleaded no contest to a felony count of placing harmful objects in food. The minimum sentence for that offense is 19-39 months.

Nevertheless, this premeditated and prolonged effort to kill his wife resulted in a 60 day sentence because Vivano said that he detected “a sense of remorse” and said that “he does have an understanding of the seriousness of this matter.”


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1 Response to A Sense Of Remorse”: Michigan Judge Gives Husband Just 60 Days For Repeatedly Poisoning Wife’s Coffee

  1. Pamela Kelly says:

    How can you “sense remorse” in a person who deliberately poisoned his wife and by way of carelessness his daughter which nearly cost both of them their lives? Get rid of these wimpy liberal bleeding heart “judges” and bring back the death penalty! As we know from our colorful national history, a real judge doesn’t need a courtroom or wear fancy robes to execute justice!
    Just an innate and finely honed sense of right and wrong.
    All he had was a saloon and a rope but he managed to bring swift justice to the guilty every time!

    Judge Roy Bean Jr.


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