Dear Race-Baiting Leftists: Only Racists See Racism Everywhere

I know of not a single person who is preoccupied with race.

If it’s brought up it’s usually by a person of color who likely could not find Africa on the globe.

Louder with Crowder

By Courtney Kirchoff 

July 31st, 2019

The two biggest race baiters on the planet

Dear unoriginal hacks who couldn’t form a cogent argument to save your own poorly-tattooed skins.

Not everything is racism.

People who see racism in everything are, in fact, racist themselves.

Hear me out.

If racism is all you know, then racism is all you see.

If you think “people of color” are incapable of greatness, or not to be held responsible for their actions as other people are responsible for theirs.

I guess it does make sense for you to see RACISM in one man’s comments about a crappy city being crap.

If that city is inhabited by mostly people of color.

We could pick any subject regardless of news cycle, because you diaper dumplings see racist symbols in grilled cheese sandwiches, or stupid hand gesture games played by people bored at work, but let’s pick a recent happening.

Donald Trump implied Baltimore is a shithole.

Actually he didn’t imply, he called it one because it is one.

Probably because, by all metrics, Baltimore is a shithole.

Baltimore, also has a large “people of color” population, but who cares?

San Francisco is also a shithole.

Had Donald Trump said “San Francisco’s streets are lined with crap and heroin needles, SAD! What a terrible place to live” would anyone have accused him of racism?

Donald Trump hints Baltimore is the Suburb of Suck, and all of a sudden he’s chasing the colored help with a burning cross.

Equality means just that.

We cannot hold people to different standards based on their skin color.

If a city is inhabited, run by, and represented by people of color, and that city is still the United State’s version of herpes, then it should be called herpes.

If a city is mostly inhabited by white people, run by white people, and represented by white people and that city is still the United States version of cholera, then it should be called cholera.

Seattle, for example.

People say Seattle is a shithole and no one blinks their rainbow-dyed lashes.

But oh, don’t you dare accuse a city run by people of color to be anything other than platinum encased gold.

Sorry, that’s not how equality works, you racists. “People of color” are just as capable of failure, bad decision making, and making poor personal choices as white people.

Yet when a white person fails, when a white person does wrong, no one is called racist for pointing it out.

What does that tell you?

This phenomenon is often called the “Soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Shorter: holding other races to a lower standard than white people.

So I’m calling it. You people who see any criticism of people who happen to be “people of color” as “racism” are racist yourselves.

Plenty of cities in the United States are filled with so much garbage the stench reaches the Mars Rover.

I’ve already named two which have rising homeless populations, drug and crime problems.

This “BUT RACISM” problem isn’t limited to cities.

A couple of weeks ago, praise of America was seen as racism.

Any time Donald Trump says something negative about a person who happens to be a person of color, he’s accused of RACISM.

Despite Trump insulting everyone.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hides behind “BUT RACISM” whenever she’s called to the carpet for her long list of embarrassing misdeeds.

Despite the criticism of her being based entirely on her bad ideas, ego, and failure to hold herself accountable to the rules of reality.

I daresay since she sees so much through race, she may be a racist herself.

Sure, there are plenty of real racists out there, as there are plenty of real sexists. I’m not excusing their behavior.

But bigotry is selective, unlike what Al Sharpton said this morning.

If you apply and accept criticism to one group, but faint when it’s applied to another, now we’ve got a problem.

Or I should say, that’s your problem.

Failure is a human quality.

As is corruption, deception, laziness, and narcissism.

People of color, being people, are just as capable of those qualities as anyone else. To bristle at a “person of color” being called out the same way a white person is, for that which is human, then labeling such a criticism as “RACIST!” only proves what a racist you are.


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