The Death of Seth Rich: Where are his Computers?

By Jim Campbell

July 28th, 2019

Indeed where are his computers and who is hiding or destroyed them?

If there were more than a handful of honest journalists in the U.S., perhaps they would be on the story.

Then again, they likely value their lives.

We are being led by the media to believe that Seth Rich’s Murder is a “Conspiracy Theory.”

“Conspiracy,” is a pejorative term, why not call it a theory?

Seth Rich was alive for two hours following his shooting.

Surprisingly, their is no record of the police asking him, “Who shot you?

The police officers on the scene were wearing body cameras, why have their contents not been seen?

All involved can carry on with their lawsuits and their wishes and dreams, unfortunately, “Murder” becomes a police matter that must be solved.

Seth Rich’s brother files lawsuit against Washington Times, conservative activists (Source)

Seth Rich recrop
Seth Rich (pictured above), was shot and killed in Washington, D.C., in July 2016.

Aaron Rich, the brother of the Democratic National Committee staffer who was killed in 2016, filed a lawsuit on Monday against right-wing activists, individuals, and conservative media companies that he believes all had a hand in peddling an unfounded conspiracy theory surrounding the unsolved murder of his brother.

Aaron Rich filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia on Monday. The suit claims that Ed Butowsky, a Texas businessman; Matt Couch, host of America First Media; America First Media, and The Washington Times pushed a conspiracy theory about Aaron Rich that used his past work as a defense contractor to allege he worked alongside his brother to leak DNC documents to Wikileaks, then played a part in his murder to cover his wrongdoing.

“Defendants have falsely accused Aaron of stealing documents, receiving a payout from WikiLeaks into his personal bank account, obstruction of justice, and being an accessory to his own brother’s murder,” Michael Gottlieb, attorney for Aaron Rich said in a statement obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Aaron’s brother, Seth Rich, was shot and killed in Washington, D.C., in

July 2016. The murder is still unsolved, but police have indicated that the incident appears to be a robbery gone wrong.

Bombshell: Hunt for Seth Rich’s murderer turns up two witness willing to testify. (Source)

However, conservative Internet voices and media outlets peddled a conspiracy theory that Seth Rich was killed because he leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks.

The above statement is false as Aaron Rich was involved in his brother’s activities.

His parents above, want the investigation stopped because they don’t want Aaron to die of mysterious causes.

On Anniversary of His Murder, Seth Rich’s Parents Ask People to Stop Politicizing It (Source)

In the end, would it come as a big shock if the Clinton’s were involved with the hit?



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12 Responses to The Death of Seth Rich: Where are his Computers?

  1. JAFC says:

    The Washington DC area is truly the land that criminal forensics forgot. And where death in an integral part of the Twilight Zone.

    Take the long-time-ago DC death of Admiral Borda. While sitting on his veranda drinking iced tea, wearing a glass-B white uniform (white shirt * ribbons, etc, white pants, and white shoes) he nevertheless managed to commit suicide by shooting himself through the heart six times at close range. Ever the neat & clean gentleman, he even avoided getting burnt-powder stains on his uniform.

    Fascinating place, our nation’s capitol, isn’t it?


  2. malenurseken says:

    Id bet anything that clintons WERE involved


  3. Pamela Kelly says:

    In August 2016 Julian Assange spoke on Dutch television about the Seth Rich murder. I love how Assange successfully dodges the interviewer’s persistent question about if Rich was a Wikileaks informant. Like he (Assange) is really going to reveal this information during an interview with the news media! Who does this interviewer think he’s addressing here, Joe Biden?
    By the way Jim, notice how this mind store of information (Assange) has conveniently vanished off the radar since his alleged arrest earlier this year. Is Assange in protective custody just waiting to light the fuse that will bring both the Clinton Political Machine and the Democrat Party down forever in one great, glorious, and successful implosion?
    Stay tuned! As the man said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


  4. The computer is buried with Jimmy Hoffa!


  5. He was murdered through the Clintons. Since then, more murders and also before him.


  6. Opinion says:

    I think there is a book about the Clinton Murders. At any rate there is an actual Body Count about the Clintons various associates who have died from what appear to be murders. Of course, President has a PLAN to Drain the Swamp in Washington DC. An ambitious goal but with 4.5 million imbedded moles, President Trump has been resisted by the Swamp which was lead by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family and aided by the Evil Obama.

    The Disclosures which have been promised to America have yet to happen. But there have been limited disclosures which have been all good toward exposing the Bush-Clinton Crime Family. The Jeffrey Epstein arrest is a major move to expose the truth. Sadly, the Truth is so grim as to defy belief! There is claimed or rumored to be a video of Hillary and Huma Abedin killing a young girl. There have been a number of deaths related to this video which is also rumored to have been on Anthony Weiner’s lap top computer. As a reminder Anthony Weiner was Huma Abedin’s husband.

    The problems with all of this drama (murders) is that the penalty if caught is death for Hillary, Bill, Huma and others. Consequently, Hillary will continue to kill and Bill will help so that they can live outside prison.

    Seth Rich was just another pawn in the Political Drama being played out in America’s Government.

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    • JCscuba says:

      You are right, there are so many bad actors who will be put in prison or sentenced to death it will destroy the party of the Democrats amd creat many openings.


  7. GG says:

    Computer is safely tucked away with Obama’s Birth Cert.

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