Congressman and Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw takes Google to the woodshed over their liberal bias in reporting the news

By Jim Campbell

June 26th 2019

It’s simply amazing what an intelligent person like Congressman Crenshaw can do when he has the lying weasels in the media under oath.

Sadly, one of the worst violators of controlling what appears on his soon to be defunct page is Jefferey Zuckerberg who has more people in his contrived Facebook Prison than those who want to use his platform.

Our country needs more people like Congressman Crenshaw who will ask important questions and then follow up on them.

Hate speech is a contrived term by the very leftists who promote it.

The U.S. Constitution is the only thing that protects them.

Is their incendiary slant and woefully weak attempt at steering their readers toward their view of reality good for the country?

Rhetorical question of course.

How do we fight back?

By no longer patronizing them.


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6 Responses to Congressman and Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw takes Google to the woodshed over their liberal bias in reporting the news

  1. Opinion says:

    We can only hope that KRMA will come to roost inn this debate!


  2. I ADORE THAT MAN!! Along with Dinesh D’Sousa, And Bongini and YOU!!


  3. Woe unto you lib-turds when the wrath of Dan Crenshaw falls!

    I am biased of course, but when fellow Texans Ted Cruz or Dan Crenshaw start taking liberals to the woodshed, there is no better viewing entertainment! 😂👍


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