A leftward shift’: Communist party USA sees chance as progressives surge

Let’s give this a big “Dream on,” and move right on down the line.

It was less that three years ago the the Communist Party Headquarters was bombed.

By Michael Savage

June 24th, 2019


As the Communist party USA kicked off its 100th anniversary celebration, Jarvis Tyner called for delegates and guests at the national convention in Chicago to “set the record straight” about one of American politics biggest historical bogeymen.

“The truth is the communist party isn’t out to hurt you,” Tyner, vice-chair of CPUSA and its candidate for vice-president in 1972 and 1976, told a large and diverse crowd. “It will set you free.”

The remarks, met with applause, came on the first day of CPUSA’s 31st national convention – and at a moment in American politics in which democratic socialism and progressive ideas are increasingly finding a home in the mainstream of the Democratic party.

Communists from across the US, along with international delegates from Germany, Canada, Venezuela and elsewhere, sought to send the message that their party has been the most consistent champion of those ideas, has been on the right side of some of the most consequential ideological battles of the last hundred years, and is ready to continue the fight into its second century.

“We are a party of action,” said Chicago activist Pepe Lozano in an opening address on Friday. His father, Rudy Lozano, was an aldermanic candidate in the city in the early 1980s who rallied Mexican and Puerto Rican voters to support Harold Washington, the first African-American mayor. The elder Lozano was shot dead in 1983 in what supporters say was an assassination.

“We are united,” Lozano said. “We are determined. We are raring to fight.”

Communism has long been regarded with fear in the US, viewed as antithetical to American values and democracy. The US spent much of the 20th century in battle against it, seeking to contain it in Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere, hot wars fought as part of the cold war with the Soviet Union.

Decades were spent attempting to root out communism at home, including during the first red scare following the first world war and the second red scare of the 1940s and 1950s, in which Senator Joseph McCarthy led “investigations” to out suspected communists in government and public life. Accusations of communism, as well as socialism, continue to be leveled by conservatives against mainstream liberal politicians, including Barack Obama.

But there is also a long history of communism and radical leftwing politics in America, as leaders and attendees pointed out in Chicago.


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