How to contain Iran without a shooting war

By Jim Campbell

June 23rd, 2019

Iran’s existence is virtually tied to its ability to supply oil to countries that don’t have their own.

The U.S. in a net oil exporter and it is doubtful the United States needs anything from this rogue terrorist nation.

Negotiations with Putin make as much sense as believing Muslims.

Japan and Russia are developing partnerships to ensure they will have access to oil.

Since the thesis here is to control Iran without a war initiated by the U.S. Armed Forces perhaps a proxy could be engaged by unknown sources to destroy Iran’s pipeline.

Iranian dissidents can be counted upon to destroy Iran’s natural gas pipe lines as shown in the video above.

As far as the U.S. President is concerned, he will only be required to freeze Iranian financial assets and make sure their access to any currency is curtailed.

At the same time providing money to Iranian dissidents to overthrow their existing theocracy is money well spent.


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3 Responses to How to contain Iran without a shooting war

  1. Opinion says:

    The key issue is any war is to analyze the balance of force and determine what the result of nyour actions might be? America has the Military might to destroy any and all nations. The MSM and their scare tactics do not phase Trump because he knows the truth.

    America has several Carrier Strike Groups available to station around the world. These Carrier Strike Groups consist of many different ships including submarines. America’s big advantage is the number of ships it can deploy along with the technology available to these Carrier Strike Groups. The Technological factor cannot be over stated. America has numerous satellites available to monitor each and every nation. Russia and China know this as truth and respect this factor. Call it the “Fear Factor”!

    The Muslims are not the best source of common sense! Common sense is not a flower that grows in every garden. How do you think the Muslims can get so many “Myrtrs” to blow themselves up to Allah? These Muslims have had 1,400 years of inbreeding to create the need for 10 kids to each family so that their collective IQ’s reach triple digits.

    So, Iran has the interesting problem of facing the reality of not being able to attack America because America will know what is happening and will certainly kill them all!

    While the MSM has attempted to make America believe that a plane was shot down, the reality bis a DRONE was maybe shot down. So What? Certainly spying on Iran is going on everyday with Satellites with no exposure to being attacked at all.

    Only the MSM believes what they write and even that claim is subject to revision as more defection occur.


  2. JAFC says:

    All the new stuff is EMP producing. Burst and direct beam (incl satellite).

    1960 was 59 years ago. The technology is radically changed; it’s just that nobody is supposed to talk about it because the public’s prone to freak out.

    Talking about 1960 technology in 2019 is a lot like talking about 1901 technology in 1960. Only worse. I was NBC Staff Operations until 1992, and I’ve grown further away from the info grapevine every year. In 1992 the biggest speculation was about how neat it would be to put the newest neutron warheads on Tomahawks.

    We have used those. We’ve tested lots of shit John Q Public isn’t entitled to know about. Including Tora Bora (the Islamists were deep in ancient mines). Nothing shields against neutron (it just dissipates out, but goes on forever through anything and everything). SF just went in to check for bodies. The adets were bulldozed shut and whatever was in there is entombed forever.


    • JCscuba says:

      It would be nice if bin Laden ended up there so an end could be put to that particular lie of the Obama administration.


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