Being Woke to Tiananmen Square

The “woke” left’s agenda is propelled by delusion, mob rule, violence, lies, and cry-bully victimhood.

Comment by Jim Campbell

June 19th 2019

Let those who believe it is their position in life to destroy the Second Amendment beware of the historical account of what happened below and to all other countries where it has been tried.

Dictatorships from around the world in an attempt to spin history so that it will appear to the unknowing as more palatable.

How are they seriously different from those who call themselves members of the progressive left in the United States.

Canada Free Press

Jim O’Neill


June 19th 2019

Being Woke to Tiananmen Square

Recently I was reading about how China has whitewashed, erased, all mention of the demonstration/massacre at Tiananmen Square thirty years ago, and I recalled a song that former “Pink Floyd” member Roger Waters wrote about the bloodbath shortly after it happened. I wondered how he might feel about the communist government deleting Tiananmen Square from Chinese history..

Remembering the deaths of 4 June 1989 is no neutral task. It is a civic duty, a burden and an act of resistance in countering a state-level lie that risks spreading far beyond China’s borders.

On that day the Communist party sent tanks to clear protesters from Tiananmen Square in the center of Beijing, killing hundreds of people, maybe more than a thousand [possibly several thousand]. In the intervening years, China has systematically erased the evidence and memory of this violent suppression using its increasingly hi-tech apparatus of censorship and control.

…In recent years this dynamic has not been confined to hot-button topics alone, as China retrofits its history into a vision that starts in the stone age and ends with the Communist party, a single continuum that serves to legitimize the current leadership and its narrative of the past, the present and the future.

If events that happened centuries ago are this controversial, imagine how perilous it is to walk the censored days of that Beijing spring just 30 years ago. In this climate, where silence is acquiescence, speaking of forbidden histories becomes a moral choice.—Louisa Lim and Ilaria Maria Sala “China wants us to forget the horrors of Tiananmen as it rewrites its history

We were Watching TV
Watching TV

In Tiananmen Square
Lost my baby there
My yellow rose
In her bloodstained clothes

They built the dark satanic mills
That manufacture hell on earth
They bought the front row seats on Calvary
They are irrelevant to me

But I grieve for my sister
People of China
Do not forget do not forget
The children who died for you

—Roger Waters “Watching TV

People of China do not forget, do not forget. Yes, well, it is doubtful that most Chinese will ever forget Tiananmen Square, as they were never taught about it in the first place—the topic is verboten.

America has its own problems with biased and/or distorian textbooks in our schools, so I won’t belabor communist China’s playing fast and loose with the past. Instead I will take this opportunity to briefly discuss the rather bizarre selective awareness that many progressives exhibit. They see what they want to see, and far from being “woke,” they are fast asleep to much that goes on in front of their noses. And they are all too often arrogant in their ignorance—a decidedly unlovely combination.

Not to pick on Roger Waters (his CD “Radio K.A.O.S” is brilliant IMO), but his attitudes will serve to underline my point, and he’s already in the article, so…. My point, that most progressives are at best half-woke, can be illustrated by the following lines from his song “Home.”

Will you accept your second-class status
A nation of waitresses and waiters
Will you mix their martinis
Will you stand still for it

Waters is no fan of President Trump, to put it mildly, but those lyrics would fit right in seamlessly at any Tea Party get-together or Trump rally. How can the left not see that? We the People are hip to the fact that America is no longer “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” it is of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites—who are indeed grooming us to be “a nation of waitresses and waiters.” That is, a nation of “small people” socially engineered to serve “our betters” in a subservient capacity.

In 2016 Trump voters told the elites to get lost in no uncertain terms when we elected Trump president. The elites, their academic lap dogs, media lackeys, and regressives as a whole have thrown a hissy fit ever since.

When the supposedly “woke” regressive left tells We the People that we are wrong, we are bad, we are racist to want our freedom, our dignity, our free speech, our borders, our laws, our rights, then I have to wonder if these “woke” regressives are awake at all, or simply indoctrinated co-opted sheeple at the beck and call of their elite masters. Actually, I don’t wonder at all, the answer is obvious.

The “woke” left’s agenda is propelled by delusion, mob rule, violence, lies, and cry-bully victimhood. Anyone willfully blind to the vicious, tragic, blood-drenched history of collectivism must remain forever unwoke, believing that the “Reign of Terror,” gulags, Nazi atrocities, “Killing Fields,” Venezuela and the rest are just flukes. Shh, Tiananmen Square never happened, go back to sleep babies.


By Jim ONeill —— Bio and ArchivesJune 17, 2019

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