Due Process of Law and the assumption of innocence

America is about to Return to the Rule of Law! 

By: Dave the Differentiator

April 29th, 2019

Now that the Mueller Investigation Report has been issued – in a “Redacted” Form here are some important points that need to be made.

First, to even have an Investigation of anyone there needed to be evidence of a crime. 

This basic principal of Law is not negotiable. 

Trump needed to be charged with a specific criminal act (stating the Statue of Law that was violated) with an accuser and evidence. 

For a criminal case, the accuser would be the government and the government laws that were violated need to be cited. 

The alleged criminal act needed to be specific and be supported by evidenced. 

This aspect of the Rule of Law is a vital component of American Law and is in the U. S. Constitution. 

Hence, the so-called “Steele Dossier” which was the sole basis of the Special Prosecutor and what became the foundation for the Mueller Investigation. 

The “Steele Dossier” has been proven to be a fake document and even the author is suspect at this time. 

Meaning that Christopher Steele may not be the actual author.  Consequently, the claim that there “might have been’ collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians has no basis in fact

Additionally, there was never any claim that a crime was committed.  A statement of fact as to exactly what crime was committed. 

The specific U. S. Criminal Code. 

It now appears that the Steele Dossier was written with the intent to fabricate a criminal act by Trump. 

This now documented conspiracy (Spy-Gate) is a specific criminal act and needs to be resolved. 

As the situation now stands, Christopher Steele has admitted that he did not have any factual basis for his accusations – he admitted this in open court in the UK. 

Once this information became known the Mueller Investigation should have stopped. 

Mueller by extending his investigation for many additional months appears to have committed Sedition.

It has now become known that Admiral Mike Rogers, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (NSA) discovered the truth and informed President Trump.  Adm. Rogers also went to the FISA Court and presented his known data and information to expose the Corruption at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

The FISA Court performed an extensive analysis and issued a 99 page Report which is purported to declare that the FBI violated the law.  This was known back in 2017. 

The time line dates are important because these dates will establish that the subsequent renewals of the FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump were all fraudulent. 

This turn of events would make all of the extensions of the Mueller Investigation acts of Sedition and Treason.

The claim of Obstruction of Justice for no reason whatsoever is false and has no basis. 

President Trump had every right to terminate James Comey as the Commander in Chief and President of the United States of America.  Historically, most new Presidents had their “own person” become the Attorney General.

In turn, the attorneys at the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation were then evaluated and replaced as the President so decided as is his absolute right. 

Simply put, Jame Comey was a subordinate and subject to his boss’s decisions. 

Subordinates have no authority over their boss.  If, as he now claims, Comey had reason to suspect Trump of a crime, then he should have gone directly to the Attorney General and filed charges against Trump for the specific crimes supported by the specific evidence. 

The Department of Justice has a very detailed chain of command along with very specific policies and procedures.  James Comey had no right or authority to ever investigate President Donald Trump.  The Rule of Law is well established on this entire matter.

The Mueller Report is really out of line with the final comment that there was not adequate evidence to exonerate President Trump! 

This claim is absurd. The absolute right of every citizen is the presumption of innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Of course, proving a negative, that Trump did not obstruct justice or collude with the Russians is not the proper perspective. 

The “Burden of Proof” was always on the prosecution, AND, as we now know, there was never any evidence of a criminal act.

Second, there is the question of just what was James Comey doing claiming he had some right to investigate his boss (the President of the United States of America) and that he was fired for that reason? 

Now, based on recent interviews of former attorneys for the DOJ it appears that there were four “independent contractors” working directly for the FBI to gather “dirt” on the Republican Party, its Candidates and Donald Trump. 

This secret program is believed to have come directly from President Obama and was managed by John Brennan, Director of the CIA at the time.  James Clapper was also involved.

It is now known that Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page hated Trump and were deeply involved with the plot now referred to as “Spy-Gate”.  It also appears that James Baker, Attorney for the FBI was also involved in this attempted coup of a sitting President – SEDITION.

There are two types of witnesses that now exist in this matter. 

“Whistle-Blowers” who are insiders who have knowledge of criminal acts within America’s government (actually any public organization or private organization). 

“Cooperating Witnesses” who are individuals that have been identified as criminals by their acts and were offered a “plea-bargain” to change sides and testify about the crimes being committed.

Can we chalk up the comments on Due Process of Trump’s mouth, once again overriding his brain?

We had better hope so.

His statement was made well over a year ago and largely not discussed by the usual suspects.

The known “Cooperating Witnesses” are known to include numerous insiders and about their specific testimony has been made public. 

The transcripts of Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Baker and others have been declassified and released for the public to review. 

These cooperating witnesses have all confirmed the attempted coup against Donald Trump.

Loretta Lynch is also identified as a cooperating witness and has given extensive testimony about various aspects of the “Spy-Gate” conspiracy.  There is supposed to be a complete transcript of the airport meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton available.  

Third, the U. S. Constitution is the Law of the Land in America and has very specific provisions prohibiting anyone ever attempting to unseat a sitting president by subversive means. 

The U. S. House of Representatives can file articles of impeachment to accomplish the removal of a criminal President.  Any and all other efforts to unseat a sitting President are defined as Sedition which is well defined and is punishable by death.

Fourth, there are many “Whistle-Blowers” who have come forward and offered very specific evidence of the corruption inside of America’s Government and its various secret agencies (CIA, NSA, IRS, SEC, FBI, DOJ, etc). 

The most important such witness is Admiral Mike Rogers, the former Director of the National Security Agency. 

Adm. Rogers discovered the corruption of the Steele Dossier and the FISA Warrant to spy on the Donald Trump Administration

Rogers went to Donald Trump and explained what was happening. 

This meeting led to Donald Trump vacating the Trump Towers

Additionally, Adm. Rogers went to the Chief Judge of the FISA Court and presented his findings and evidence. 

The FISA Court is said to have performed an extensive investigation and made a Ruling that the FBI violated his findings their warrant application. 

There is said to be a 99 page FISA Court Report issued back in 2017 by the FISA Court. 

Once the information about the Steele Dossier being false was known and the Mueller Investigation team made three more applications to continue their fraud investigation this became an act of Sedition by all of the people involved. 

All of the various people that sighed the FISA Warrants are guilty of fraud and perhaps Sedition and Treason. 

The specific people involved in the “Fraud upon the Court” include Sally Yates, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, John Carlin, Susan Rice and others. 

His findings actually four separate FISA Warrants issued by the FISA Court.

Fifth, the Mueller Report omitted numerous relevant facts that were all very pertinent to the Rule of Law. 

The Strzok and Page text messages, emails and phone messages which clearly demonstrate the animus of the FBI (Bias) and the entire Mueller Investigation Team

These two, Strzok and Page, were on the original Mueller Investigation “Team”. 

The Mueller Report was drafted by 12 angry Democrats who knew they were doomed if the truth was ever revealed. 

Trump knew the truth and wanted these enemies of the state to step out into the open. 

Trump recently appeared on the Hannity Program for a one hour interview and explained some of the information since Adm.

Rogers informed him back in 2017.

Sixth, the NSA works for President Trump. 

The spy capabilities for the NSA supercomputers is immense. 

There is a major facility at Fort Mead in Virginia that has over a million square feet of very secure computers. 

These computers are state of the art and work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  These computers are recording and analyzing vast supercomputers data on everyone, every phone call, every email, every text, and whatever was sent digitally. 

Consequently, President Trump has all of the evidence he will need to convict Hillary. While I do not know this statement as fact, the FISA Court knows the situation and most likely issued warrants to monitor Hillary and her criminal family, including Obama.  

What has been stated is that all of Hillary’s emails, text messages, and other digital data has been recovered. 

The laptop computer of Anthony Weiner has numerous Hillary documents on it. 

This statement is a known fact and there are also some very interesting videos on this laptop computer.

Seventh, the size of the Federal Government is a difficult issue.  The Office of Personnel Management has an estimated personnel base of more than 4.5 million people. 

The Senior Executive Services is another large group of people that have immense powers and are difficult to manage and control. 

The swamp in America’s Government is much larger than President Trump ever imagined.

Then, the mindset of these career bureaucrats is also very difficult to assess.  Most are very liberal Democrats who have no business experience whatsoever!

Then we have the “secret agencies” to contend with.  There are thousands of personnel in the various organizations and each has their own personal agenda. 

There are 17 specific agencies and their private contractors. 

The budget for this combination is multiple billions annually.

Then, we have the Military and its extended families.  The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard are just the most visible and each have their very own teams secret operators.

Then, in Summary, the President has an organization estimated to be more than 7n or 8 million people exceed the populations of many countries. 

From an organizational and management point of view, the President of the United States of America manages the largest organization in the world. 

He is restricted by years of rules and regulations which greatly limit his actual authority. 

That is just the people side of the government organization and management puzzle. 

There is also the physical assets side to this dilemma. 

The Government controls and manages millions of acres of land, National Perks, Regulatory Agencies, Trust Territories, etc.  The Swamp is very large!

The Point! 

The entire Mueller Investigation was designed to stop President Trump from being able to manage the affairs of the most powerful government ever known.

Now that the Mueller Report is out and Trump is cleared for action I believe that America can anticipate even greater things in the near and long term future. 

Trump’s agenda is straight forward and he is putting America First in a sincere effort to make America Great Again.

  Trump is working to unite the people and eliminate the divisiveness that was created by Obama and his Muslim Administration. 

Trump plans for numerous “Disclosures” of various facts that will shock most Americans. 

The extent of corruption in the Judicial System alone is difficult to even understand. 

Trump is returning America to the Rule of Law which is a nice place to be – Justice for All.  Equal Justice for all!

So, the next few weeks should be filled with important disclosures as mentioned above. 

There will also be important financial changes. 

Many of the current problems slowing down President Trump’s plan to “Drain the Swamp” can be traced to the lack of truthful information by the Main Stream Media! 

The MSM has transitioned from reporting the news to inventing the news.  President Trump refers to this as “FAKE NEWS” and it has been a very real factor in slowing the transition back to the Rule of Law as defined in the U. S. Constitution.

America saw the radical left step over the line in the Confirmation Hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

The radical left wanted to accept that Judge Kavanaugh was guilty with no due process of law. 

If Dr. Christine Ford wanted to make allegations, then she had every right to do so. 

However, she was required to make specific charges with very specific times, places, witnesses, and other evidence. 

Dr. Ford’s tears were not evidence and are not admissible in any court of law.  Senator Diane Feinstein was a fool to think she fooled any rational person!  AND, Dr. Ford’s history during the time period and even today are very relevant to her credibility!

America has now turned the narrative back to a fact based conservation.  President Trump will be “Declassifying” some of the above mentioned information. 

The coming “Disclosures” will change the public perception of what actually has been happening.

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