What’s the End Game Going To Be?

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 8th, 2019

As you read on you will note the reason for the old axiom, “If you want a secret kept by three people, make sure the other two are dead.

By Dave the Differentator one of our most frequent commenters.

This is an outstanding read,

What is Happening in the Political Arena?

So, here we sit, We, the People, wondering just what the end game might be in the political drama playing out before our very eyes? 

So, I am making an educated analyst based on the known information available from the Internet and some research I have done.

There was an interesting book written several years ago by John Grisham, the Pelican Brief. 

The basic plot of this book is that some sinister folks wanted to achieve a favorable environmental verdict from the Supreme Court for a case they estimated to be coming up in the distant future. 

Their goal was to “stack the Supreme Court” with Justices who would rule in their favor. 

There were millions or billions of dollars involved. 

The environmental issue was oil extraction in the Gulf of Mexico.

Imagine, if you will, a similar situation arising in the current times. 

There is a sinister group of Elites who want a “One World Government” and to control the every move and thought of the remaining people on earth. 

President George H. W. Bush actually announced this goal many years ago when he was President. 

Since then, there have been a series of events occur that, in my opinion, were designed to accomplish that very objective. 

Justice Scalia may have been murdered. (Source)

It’s certainly the source of new conspiracy theories, as if we need more.

The September 11, 2001 attack on America occurred and one of the results was the passage of the Patriot Act which removed certain Constitutional Guarantees for the People of America. 

Another result was the entry of America into what can only be termed as WW-III. 

The War of Terror!

Of course, the First Gulf War was concluded fairly fast but did not adequately dispose of enough people or generate the necessary levels of hate and ill will between the various Religious fractions of the world and to reduce the global population as desired.

Since George H. W. Bush there have been several Presidents with this common goal as their objective.

These various Presidents and their Executive staffs have worked diligently at removing many of the U. S. Constitutional guarantees that We, the People, take for granite.

Protection from search and seizure, due process of law and many more.

Then, along comes the 2016 election for President and what happens? 

The Dark Horse candidate wins = Donald Trump! 

And so the drama begins between the “Deep Sate” or “Shadow Government” and the people of America.

Then, the National Security Agency, Admiral Mike Rogers, steps forward out of the shadows and informs President Elect Trump about the spying on him and his campaign along with the existence of the conspiracy against Trump.

Then, comes what has become known as the “Whistle Blowers” with lots of details about the conspiracy against Trump.

Along the way, while Hillary Clinton was the First Lady and then as Secretary of State, certain events were happening that gave any and all interested people a better view of just how corrupt and unethical Hillary actually was. 

There was not just a single event with Hillary but a long laundry list of lies that were not really necessary but did expose just how much contempt Hillary had for We, the People. 

The Benghazi Incident was key for me as the facts slowly leaked out. 

This single event which resulted in many deaths on both sides of the fight was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. 

The actual facts took some time to surface but once these facts became known, it is my opinion that Hillary was done in politics. 

Hillary and Obama broke the trust of the American people and while these two still have avid followers I doubt if there is any actual trust in them.

Simply put, killing people you do not like or trust is not a confidence builder for your closest confidants! 

The end game with the Benghazi Incident was the disclosure of the origin of the ISIS and the Stinger missiles that surfaced during the leaking of the facts. 

America lost an Ambassador and several of its premiere warriors. 

There was plenty of time to save these people but Hillary and Obama made the support system stand down and not go to the aid of their warrior brothers and comrades. 

AND THEN, Hillary and Obama lied about the cause and reason for the confrontation in Benghazi which was disputed by many sources and “Video” excuse proved to be false and a complete lie which was spread on many news sources.

Hillary, Obama and Susan Rice all committed treason that night and after the fact as well. 

These three broke their oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution and violated the TRUST with America. 

These three gave aid and comfort to the enemy!

Each must be tried for treason and sedition at time of war.   (Source)



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12 Responses to What’s the End Game Going To Be?

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    We still hanging them?


  2. Opinion says:

    As the various “facts” leak out into the public forum this entire Benghazi incident is much more complicated than first believed.

    The picture has widened to include the ISIS folks and the release of the Five GITMO Taliban guys for the traitor Bergdahl. The Hillary-Obama conspiracy is very complicated and involves many people in various positions around the world. Corruption at the highest levels and a level of deceit that is beyond most analysts imagination. So hard to think about American’s leaders being this corrupt as to kill so many to what end?

    The Political Drama continues as these criminals continue to lie and cheat!


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