The art of making fake videos

Most people watch them without having a clue if they are the real deal or a complete hoax.

Take home message, watchers of You Tube videos.

“Trust no one.”~ Fox Mulder: THE X FILES



Amazing development which started out as a science project at the university has brought those with serious computer skills the ability to create a fake, imaginary world.

I can’t possibly have a clue if and which of the video’s shown on this site are the real deal.



How about this one !



And of course, CNN could never be accused of putting of fake news with the video below.

I don’t see this  happening from the right, this is a leftist tactic!

If it is true, the guy doing the ranting was truly an aberration.



This one below, we award the gold medal!



Over half a billion spent that’s 500 million to make Fake Muslim terrorist videos used as a Propaganda tool along with a funny fake terrorist video but you can understand they are both staged and fake the not so funny ones made by the PR firm and the funny ones.

In any case, Islam is free from the real lies and any evil and corruption that people do.

The comments below were left by one of our commenters.

ICT is a multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Southern California focused on exploring and expanding how people engage with computers, through virtual characters, video games, simulated scenarios and other forms of human-computer interaction.

Leading researchers and faculty from computer science, psychology, interactive media and more collaborate in advancing immersive technologies to improve interactions and learning in a wide-range of areas.

From creating believable virtual humans to understanding how they can best be used in the real world, research at ICT aims to literally change the face of computing.

ICT findings about how people respond to virtual characters and other technologies also inform understandings of human behavior.

Our distinguished faculty have been recognized as the top in their fields in graphics and virtual humans research, cognitive architectures, contributions to the AI community, emotion modeling and social simulation.

One even received an Academy Award. In addition to their research at ICT, they teach courses on the USC campus and publish regularly in leading international journals and present at major conferences related to their research areas.

Learn more about ICT faculty and their research interests.



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2 Responses to The art of making fake videos

  1. Neil M. Dunn says:

    This article made me much more aware how far this technology has gone. Frightening how it is being used. Interest arroused, I googled “New Dimensions in Technology” from the TED video. The first link was USC Institute for Creative Technologies. . One the site click on “prototypes”, and on the left side will appear “current prototypes” and “all prototypes”. Scrolling thru either –> “NDIT”. But there also appears to be a lot more items to pursue and explore. Onward.


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