MSNBC ratings will crash now that the Mueller investigation is over

By Jim Campbell

April 4th, 2019

If you watch any of what they try to lead us to believe is news you have been swept in by their butterfly net and will likely become a member of the grossly misinformed.


Don’t feel bad, that has always been part of the plan.

You have been warned in the past to receive timely and correct information, turn to your favorite bloggers who provide sources, which the talking heads are not required to provide.


Maddow, when she learned that her fake news gravy train had ended.

The media spent three years dropping “bombshell” story after “bombshell” story alleging that, according to their anonymous sources, President DJT would eventually be indicted for having colluded with Russian operatives to affect the 2016 election.

She need not worry, her crack staff will come up with new B.S. they want us to believe.


When the Mueller Report was finally release, the lefties wanted more, they could not believe that 600 plus pages could be honed down so finely and correctly.



So it’s no surprise at all that the left, just like a junky grabbing a new fix, jumped on dubious anonymous sources in a New York Times story claiming that certain unnamed members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation team are unhappy with how the Attorney General had portrayed their recently concluded investigation.

Simplistically, those who read the NY Times do so to find out what the leftist rag is saying about America or they are doing so to impress their friend, Democrats who likely have below par reading skills.





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5 Responses to MSNBC ratings will crash now that the Mueller investigation is over

  1. JAFC says:

    We’re NOT dealing with sane and rational people here. They’re gonna keep pushing this all the way past 2024. If they don’t start a war with Russia first.


  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    This lady (?) is so confused. Tears do not work any more. The Rule of Law was invoked in thios bogus investigation about Trump who is now America’s President.

    What is very clear is that a fake Steele Dossier of made up statements that were never verified was the sole reason for the Investigation to Start.

    What we have learned and is a well defined FACT is that the FBI was very bias against Trump. The Peter Strzok and Lisa Page emails and text messages have all been obtained and clearly demonstrated these two as traitors who conspired to commit Sedition and treason. These two have become “cooperating Witnesses and their testimony has been released along with the Traitor Bruce Ohr. James Baker is also a cooperating witness. The combined testimony of these traitors is clear, James Comey was conspiring to unseat a sitting President which is treason and sedition.

    Yet another point of Due Process of Law – President Trump is innocent until proven guilty. This Principal of Law is undisputed and set in stone. Then there is the basis of the Mueller Investigation. Once the Steele Dossier was proven to be non-factual the Investigation should have stopped. Instead, Mueller ran against the Law and now Mueller must face the consequences of his Seditious actions.

    What is not being discussed by the MSM is that Trump could not have obstructed Justice since Comey was a liar. Comey violated many laws and needs to be charged and tried for his crimes against America and President Trump. James Comey used the FBI to vi0olate the law and deserved to be fired and now must face the consequences of his actions.


  3. Rule of Law says:

    A review of the U. S. Constitution reveals that any one charged with a crime is allowed to face his accuser, examine the evidence and ask questions. The Government does not have the right to investigate anyone without the necessary charges and evidence and accuser.

    This complete FISA Warrant is just a method form the Deep State to circumvent the Rule of Law.

    There is no such thing as an anonymous accuser a specific person and specific evidence must be presented to the Law Enforcement Agency – the FBI – the FBI is then required to inform the charged person.

    In real life there is no double secret probation as was espoused in the movie Animal House!


    • JCscuba says:

      Ah come on Rule of Law we had it at Long Beach State, we had triple secret probation for all the hell you got us into.


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