The Media’s New Tactic: Selling Their Stories by Ambush

By Jim Campbell

March 23, 2019

For politicians to use this situation as a moment of personal help with their losing campaigns is completely over the top.



The reader will notice that no conservatives try to pull this off.


Because they don’t need to.

They aren’t desperate.



Dana Loesch, NRA spokes woman has had it with the ignorance on the left.

Sorry Dana !

It appeared to me that she was playing the “Whoa is me card,” when she complained about  knowing she was actually going to be on the stage answering questions.


She know what she wants to say, it’s simply a matter of saying it, please put the crocodile tears away.



It’s also time for the media to start covering instances where people were being attacked and protected themselves because that had a gun to do so.

That of course won’t happen because it doesn’t fit with the progressive agenda.


Here I am guys!

Equally problematic, the progressive belief system is not what our founding fathers had in mind when the wrote the United States Constitution and the bill of rights.



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