How to settle the debt pay off the deficit and save money for future needles wars

By Jim Campbell

March 12th, 2019

This is it folks, there is no doubt about it.

I’d pay at least $100.00 as long as the endpoint was putting her in prison.

No woman in U.S. politics has had the depth of political control on corruption while at the same time never being held accountable.



Hillary has committed treason while our country was at war, she has been implicated in numerous deaths at the very least as a co-conspirator.

The original punishment for treason and sedition was to have the guilty be drawn and quartered.

Drawn and Quartered Definition:

A horrific and barbaric punishment imposed upon traitors pursuant to ancient common law: partial hanging, disembowelment and cutting of body into quarters. (Source)



Since there are no horses that big use monster trucks to get the job done.


Shooting her would be to simple and leave most people wanting.

The use of Monster trucks would also be on pay for view to replenish the gold stolen from Ft. Knox, Kentucky.



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2 Responses to How to settle the debt pay off the deficit and save money for future needles wars

  1. GO FOR IT!! sell tickets!! get rich enough to refill Fort Knox!!


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