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Comment by Jim Campbell

February 26, 2019

Listening to the completely obtuse reasoning of Kamala Harris in her speech below it’s no wonder main stream Democrats are backing away from the likes of  Harris and Octavio Flores.










To be sure, the comments made below in the video with Laura Ingram, are not that of a socialist, but one of a Marxist wannabe who plans with her junta to take as many freedoms away from the U.S. taxpayer while subjecting them to their Marxist views on owning property and anything else the individual owns.

It’s not about what is good for the American taxpayer but what is best for the state.

Their “Golden Goose,” ideology can only last as long as the goose can lay eggs, and as we all know that has and will never happen.

They have been flying too high and soon will crash and burn.



The Daily Beast

February 26, 2019

That zipper sound you hear should be Silicon Valley’s purses closing up for the current crop of Democratic candidates.

From Senator Warren (I never met a company I did not wish to regulate) to Senator Harris (I single handily bankrupted two bay area for profit hospitals), not to mention all current candidates have signed onto the new green deal with a train to Hawaii included in its “thoughtful” roll out, and a strong embrace to Socialism by all.

Throw in recent Silicon Valley’s House of Representative Ro Kana’s embrace of Senator Sanders Socialism and you have the makings of real problems for the business community and the job producing machine of America.



Silicon Valley was formed by what could be called creative capitalism and destructive capitalism combined, that is the ability to fund and form start-up companies and if they do not reach an acceptable sales rate, tear them down and do it again.  

This does not play well in a “Socialist Country”. One has only to compare all of Europe to the United States in terms of new vibrant companies formed in the last 20 years.

Europe chose the direction of Senator Warren and Senator Harris and now you have 15%-17% youth unemployment in France alone.

The big question is why is the national press not focused on the results, why have they chosen to Align with the Socialist movement.

The recent rejection of Amazon by all those Socialists government officials in Greater New York should be another big warning sign to Silicon Valley.

Lina Khan, a Top Antitrust Thinker, in Talks to Join Democratic Staff in the House, Putting Silicon Valley on Alert

Khan, who wrote a semi-viral article about Amazon, is in discussions to join the staff of the congressional panel overseeing antitrust issues.

A major new congressional hire could result in more federal pressure on companies like Facebook and Amazon, The Daily Beast has learned.


Lina Khan, who wrote a semi-viral Yale Law Journal article about Amazon, is in talks to join the staff of the congressional panel overseeing antitrust issues, according to people familiar with the plans. Rep. David Cicilline chairs the panel.


She comes from a school of antitrust thinkers who have called for breaking up Facebook.

Cicilline, a Rhode Island Democrat, has made no secret of his interest in taking on major internet companies as the newly minted chair of the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on antitrust.

Now, Khan, who did not respond to requests for comment, could become an ally in that work.

The Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department enforce antitrust laws by taking major corporations to court; changes on the Hill could mean increased pressure on them to do so.

“A lot of members don’t hire qualified staffers, especially on complicated issues like antitrust, which hinders their ability to get things done,” said a federal lobbyist who works on antitrust issues and spoke anonymously because of client concerns.

“This is a person qualified for the job, who will supercharge Cicilline’s oversight work.”

“In hiring Lina, Cicilline will be more successful in pushing regulators to scrutinize the anti-competitive activity of companies like Facebook,” the lobbyist added.

Khan, an academic fellow at Columbia University, has drawn national attention for her work on antitrust law, including multiple New York Times op-eds.

“By virtue of providing increasingly critical services, tech giants wield immense leverage over the sellers and buyers that rely on their platforms,” she wrote in a March 2018 Times op-ed. “This power is ripe for abuse.”

Khan, an alum of the Open Markets Institute, comes from a community of antitrust academics and activists who push hard for toughening up antitrust enforcement to constrain the power of ballooning tech and telecom companies.

In a 2017 Times op-ed, for instance, she argued against Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods.

“Antitrust laws, which were passed by Congress to prevent these kinds of concentrations of private power, have been largely reduced to a technical tool to keep prices low,” she wrote in the piece.

Her potential move to the Hill should cause some anxiety in Silicon Valley, per a lobbyist who represents clients before the subcommittee—in particular, Facebook, Google and Amazon.

“I do not think that they would be happy about this at all,” the lobbyist said.

“This is a dramatic hire for Cicilline.

He’s been moving in the direction of being very aggressive against big tech, and this hire basically cements that.”

The antitrust subcommittee would play a key role in any legislation overhauling antitrust law.

But any major bipartisan legislation passing in the two years before a presidential election is a long shot.

So the committee’s most interesting work is likely to be its oversight. As the subcommittee’s chairman, Cicilline will oversee the Justice Department’s powerful Antitrust Division, as well as the FTC.

The subcommittee will bring in the government’s top regulators responsible for blocking anti-competitive behavior, and will have the power to summon the heads of country’s most powerful corporations to testify.

Rigorous oversight could ratchet up the pressure on the DOJ and FTC to rigorously enforce antitrust law.

“For most people, their everyday interaction with power is not with their representative in Congress, but with their boss,” Khan told The Atlantic last year.

“And if in your day-to-day life you’re treated like a serf in your economic relationships, what does that mean for your civic capabilities—for your experience of democracy?”



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