The Myth of White Privilege

By Jim Campbell
January 29, 2019
In the video below Jordan Peterson, is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.
His main areas of study are in abnormal, social, and personality psychology, with a particular interest in the psychology of religious and ideological belief, and the assessment and improvement of personality and performance.
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Primarily he teaches at the University of Toronto but his lectures have drawn him to many other institutions as well.
Peterson (who used to be a member of Canada’s social democratic NDP) first came to the fore publicly when he released a series of videos around free speech in the political correct context. His specific objection was Bill C-16 that was introduced in the Canadian Parliament by the Trudeau government.
The bill seeks to amend the Criminal Code by adding gender identity or expression to an extended definition of ‘identifiable groups.’











This would make it an offense to spread hate propaganda based on these two facets. Peterson objected (not to the LBGT element) but to the Freedom of speech aspects and took aim at Ontario’s Human Rights Code along similar lines.


Pure and simple it was coined by” True Marxists,”  in an attempt to denigrate those who are white from the rest of the herd.
Are white people blood thirsty anarchists who want to see blood running in the streets, with others turning to Hitler  as their role model?

Today’s Nazis

Sadly, that seems to be the fact with some of the more twisted and psychologically demented people among us.
Our Constitution from our constitutionally driven republic allows for their freedom of expression.
Some will not like this.
I happen to believe that I was very fortunate to be born white and have worked hard to surround myself with the same goals and aspirations of others, color be damned.
This is also in spite of undeserved advantages, IMHO of affirmative action and what it has meant allegedly to dumbing  downward of the educational system as if it needed help.
Please file your thoughts under “It is what it is.”
Better yet, please leave them in the section provided below.





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3 Responses to The Myth of White Privilege

  1. JAFC says:

    I don’t think that the old imperial flag of the Kaisers, with its red-white-black colors of Prussia and the iron cross, has any racial significance whatsoever. I find the German eagle no more offensive than our own American bald eagle symbol.

    Only a Globalist Pig finds national symbols offensive.

    And only a twisted sociopath seeking favor elsewhere finds his or her own race offensive.


  2. Franz Kemmerich says:

    Stolz weht die Flagge Schwarz-Weiss-Rot.


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