UPDATE ONCE AGAIN: two more bleeding heart leftist Islam-apologists go missing in a Muslim country

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 11th, 2018

What it is with the progressive mind that it is incapable of absorbing facts.

The closest I’ve ever come to going to the Middle East was a dive trip I had planned for Egypt and was diving from a live aboard from the city of Sharm el-Sheik.

Nine one-one 2001 had not yet happened, it happened the following day and as you will recall air travel was shut down in the United States for a day.

That of course is with the exception of the bin Laden family who then President George W. Bush inexplicably allowed the entire bin Laden family to leave the U.S. by plane.



Hamza bin Laden, is listed by the United States as a global terrorist. (Source)

Perspective: Let’s imagine that a mass murder has been committed in Smalltown, America and the suspect is at large.

Where is the first place the investigators will invariably go to search for clues as to either the whereabouts of the killer or his or her motives?

Yes, to the immediate families of the suspected killer. (Source)

One has completely when they continue to ignore their own countries warnings and decide they will travel to the place of Peace and love.



Islam, as practiced in most of the Middle East and Africa is a death cult.

United States Government Travel Warning. (Source)


Contrary to leftist dogma, the world is not a progressive utopia.


You reap what you sow when you go virtue signalling in a Muslim terrorist area of the world.

So much for environmental activism, perhaps they should have stayed at home and hugged a tree.

Sad to say. but it seems we have more people who won’t be voting for Donald Trump in the 2020 elections.



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5 Responses to UPDATE ONCE AGAIN: two more bleeding heart leftist Islam-apologists go missing in a Muslim country

  1. Tweeted it twice Islamic terrorists apologetics are never nice


  2. My pleasure are on twitter I’m @ Rodeo Rosary until the fascist left and the Islamist advocates industrial complex elements the account love ready your superlative writing and factual information. As we say in the deep south generally and particularly in the republic of Texas hook em horns


  3. JAFC says:

    Two down, ten thousand to go.


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