Know Thy Enemy

Comment by Jim  Campbell

January 7th, 2019

This is an excellent and primarily put together by Prepper365 who tries to remain apolitical.

They have finally had enough, they went “Light’s on Nobody’s Home in a clear case of coming face to face with reality.

My contributions are in red along with the video.

Please enjoy.


One look at the ‘new’ House of Representatives should scare the crap out of anyone with even an ounce of common sense.

The battle cry of the left seems to be ‘the economy is booming, we must kill it before it’s too late!’

Know Thy Enemy Indeed.

The Art of War also applies to our business lives.

With Certainty it can be said that Democrats do not know themselves, if the did they would be so frigging ignorant.



Yes, they’ve gone as far as to claim that our historically low unemployment is somehow bad for the Country; no, it’s bad for them!

They need you dependent on the government, and disarmed of course, if they hope to control us.



These ‘representatives’ are calling for a ‘Green New Deal’ to save us from ‘Climate Change;’ notice how they changed it from Man-Made Global Warming, as one by one all of Al Gore’s predictions turned out to be false?

Then of course they demand millions more of your taxpayer dollars for overseas abortions, this of course from ‘Catholic’ Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

No, it’s not enough to kill babies here, let’s spend money we don’t have to kill some overseas as well.

Oh, did you happen to catch where she said that a border wall is immoral; yup, it’s OK to ram a spike through the skull of a child only moments from taking it’s first breath, but all that border wall talk is just wrong!



Unfortunately in the Democrat controlled House” “The Aye/Eyes have it.

Don’t be fooled for a minute theses fools aren’t just stupid, but they are stupid and evil qualities very hard on our republic.

Oh, and that newly elected unemployed waitress from NY, you know,  the one with Charlie Manson eyes; proposed free college, forgiving all student loans, tax rates as high as 70% and ‘Medicare for All!’

Her proposals alone would add an estimated $38 TRILLION to the deficit over 10 years; Obama must be standing in awe.

O.K so he’s in a gay bath house in D.C, getting coked out of his mind, why quibble?

Oh wait, did I mention that Medicare reaches insolvency in just 7 years, yet these clowns are seriously proposing adding another 280 million recipients to the list?

Note: this just might have something to do with the $716 Billion Obama stole from Medicare to fund Obamacare; just maybe.



Not to be outdone by millennials snorting condoms and eating Tide Pods , Steve Cohen of Tennessee presented a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the Electoral College; because he’s clearly wiser than the Founding Fathers and on a good day able to feed himself without assistance.

Taking the stupid challenge to yet another level, three other ‘butthurt’ Democrats presented Articles of Impeachment against Pres. Trump because he lowered their taxes and hurt their feelings.

Another nonsensical bill was proposed that would block Pres. Trump from pardoning anyone in his administration or family; oh yea, but Bill Clinton pardoning his coke head brother (and convicted felon) was perfectly acceptable.

Let’s see what else; oh yea, Universal Basic Income, guaranteed government jobs and GUN CONTROL, GUN CONTROL, GUN CONTROL!

Oh lest I forget, a newly elected foul-mouthed pro-genocide Islamist from Detroit who identifies as a Palestinian, not an American, a Palestinian – who swore to uphold the Constitution with her hand on a Koran – well isn’t that special!



Yes my friends, they proposed all this Anti-American, Unconstitutional, Marxist drivel just moments after taking an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

Will any of this nonsense actually pass?



Well, Nutty Nancy and Chucky Schumer  certainly think so and it’s serves to rev-up their low information base while earning high praise from a treasonous mainstream media.

For years the lefties have insisted they were Democrats, you know, just like JFK, right?

They hid their true intentions, they hid their true agenda, they claimed to be moderates or ‘Blue Dogs’ or even ‘progressives,’ now they’re standing proudly as ‘Democrat Socialists,’ but face it, we all know what they are – communists.



You know, communists, the same nice folks that killed over 100 million of their own people.

Buy more guns and ammo, lots more ammo.


Not legal in California but they work just fine.

God help us all.



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