The undercover offerings of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas

By Jim Campbell

December 31. 2018

James O’Keefe has o an icon for his undercover exposes of the truth, particularly when our elected officials choose to continue ignoring what is going on among the bad actors in Congress.



His efforts in many cases have led to those who thought they had protected unionized positions getting the rugs ripped out from under them. 

This happened when his investigations uncovered actions that the miscreants had to be dealt with at the congressional level.



It is quite frankly amazing that O’Keefe and his project haven’t come in direct contact with an assassin’s bullet.

That’s the simplest way those with clout deal with those they come to find as nuisances.



I’m not a big believer in coincidence are you?

12 Clinton bodyguards all die  from suicide? (Source)



By the way, what was in the envelope?

My bet was nothing much as video showed no reactions from those who received them.

The jury is still out on whether Joe Biden can actually read.

Just another red herring.



To date the death of the autopsy attendant, Michael Cormier died of arsenic has never been adequately explained.

While Andrew Breitbart’s body was at Providence St. Joseph, an unidentified family member called and recommended that the hospital check Cormier for poison.

A screen test found a significant amount of arsenic in Cormier’s system, and the hospital contacted the Los Angeles Police Department.



Above, James O’Keffe, Andrew Brietbart and Hanna Giles who worked with O’Keffe on busting ACORN.

In the early stages of the investigation into Cormier’s death, the police wouldn’t rule out an accident, suicide, or something more nefarious, and the coroner deferred the cause of death pending further toxicology results.





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2 Responses to The undercover offerings of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas

  1. Opinion says:

    This drama between the Deep State and the citizens of America is building up pressure to the point that something will blow-up!

    The attack upon Veterans is a case in point. These guys may get organized and take action. The most notorious group of displaced Veterans is a gang known as the Hell’s Angels. The fact that the Hell’s Angels was founded by Veterans after WW-II appears to be forgotten by the Deep State. These Veterans had major issues with the “System” and how they were being treated by the “System”.

    The so-called “Elites”may want to rethink their game plan as the violence starts because the Veterans have brothers in arms in the entire military complex.


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