Shallow Thoughts From Dysfunctional Minds

By Jim Campbell

December 31, 2018

Why isn’t our educational system set up differently you ask?

Because it’s set up and run by unionized academics who know no other way.

Do they do this intentionally?

Perhaps some, buy my guess would be that the teacher as assumed the role of clock puncher and goes along to get along.




It’s all about the anti-American dream foisted upon our children as early as possible up through a college or university system who will award those playing the game that will lead  those particular in the social sciences, like philosophy, psychology, women’s studies and African-American studies that will require parents and students to be pay off onerous debts on said education which taught nothing in the way of critical thinking skills but was long left-wing programming.



As they say in Texas, did he “SplaIn,” it well enough for you.




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1 Response to Shallow Thoughts From Dysfunctional Minds

  1. Opinion says:

    Very Sad Indeed!


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