Project Veritas and James O’Keefe are both Rock Stars

By Jim Campbell

December 7th 2018

Veritas of course means Truth with the exception of when it is used in conjunction with Harvard University where of course it means flat-out brainwashing and bullshit.



He started with Hannah as his partner.



It was Hanna Giles idea to dress as a hooker with James O’Keefe as her pimp for their first take down, ACORN,

Video here

That was the beginning of O’Keefe’s road to stardom and may he keep on going.


Exactly how many scams and rip-offs did they uncover?

Click here for starters.



Save your money, don’t waste it, Harvard is nothing more that a breeding ground for future lefties, socialists and communists unless the student is preparing for non social science studies.

How would I know?

I took post-graduate courses there as part of my ongoing continuing medical education as review courses for Hematology/Oncology Board Review courses.

Even sprung for a new tan suit at the Harvard Coop while I was there.

Coop of course stands for “Cooperative,” they got to get them thinking in a communal cooperative way for fear they should learn differently and seriously fog  their thinking,



You won’t want your undergraduate to miss out on such important subjects as

2018 Science and Cooking Public Lecture Series



You can bet I’ll be signing up for that one, wouldn’t consider missing it.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to learn about the scientific side of the culinary arts during the 2018 Science and Cooking public lecture series.

The popular lecture series pairs Harvard professors with celebrated food experts and renowned chefs to showcase the science behind different culinary techniques.

Harvard University isn’t called Little Moscow on the Hudson River without good reason.

Being involved studying science I never encountered any future Bolsheviks, they were kept in entirely different cages.




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