Is it a misrepresentation of the facts when one is too ignorant to understand the differences?

By Jim Campbell

December 7th, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Trump Jr: Keep trolling, we have subpoena power next year

This is all for naught as Ocasi0-Cortez will never rise to the position of ranking minority leader.

Yes this is a safe time to say never !

She’s a young  self avowed Marxist fool who has not taken the time to read the rules before shooting off her mouth.



She overtly stabbed her mentor in the back by stealing his followers.

Can she be trusted to do nothing but the same as other’s get in her way?



Committee rules may cover authorization, issuance, and service of subpoenas; may cover just one or two of these actions; or may be silent on exercise of the subpoena power.

A subpoena must be authorized pursuant to committee rules a decision to approve this legal order to a person to appear or to provide documents.


Terminally mentally disturbed.

Once authorized, if the committee wishes to take the next step, a subpoena must be issued

pursuant to committee rules signed and given to an individual to deliver the subpoena to the person named in it.

To deliver a subpoena to the person named is to serve the subpoena.

Most House and Senate committees have specifically included in their rules one or more provisions on committees’ and subcommittees’ power to authorize subpoenas by majority vote.

Most House committees have also delegated to their chair the power to authorize subpoenas.

Many of the rules delegating authority also require the chair to consult or notify the committee ranking minority member.

The Democrats don’t know what to do with her !



Democratic Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) fired back at Donald Trump Jr. on Friday after the president’s eldest son shared a meme implying that her democratic socialist views would lead to Americans eating dogs.








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4 Responses to Is it a misrepresentation of the facts when one is too ignorant to understand the differences?

  1. Jim, SHE CAN NOT READ! If someone read its TO her- – she wouldn’t understand what she HEARD! Can you say GOONY-GOO-GOO?

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  2. Opinion says:

    And so the political nightmare continues. . . .

    The very large gap between reality and wishes is growing. The concept of economics needs to be a consideration for the “Benefits” being demanded by the Progressive Left. Medicare for all is a nice concept but has been proven to be unrealistic economically.

    Actually, MediCare is not working and is a disaster economically. Just the corruption in the MediCare cost reimbursement system is a multi-Billion dollar problem that the government will nit address!

    The progressive has been demonizing successful workers now for a few years. What was the minority poor is now becoming the majority poor and they want to take away the earnings of the minority workers. This concept simply does not work. This concept has never worked and ends in a violent overthrowing of the governments that uses it. Look no further than Argentina for a prime example. Once a very great nation that socialism turned into a poor failed country all because of bad economic decisions.

    America may well become the same!


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