England’s Magna Carta of 1215, was the foundation of America’s Constitution

Comment by Jim Campbell

November 29, 2018


H/T Jim O’Neill


When properly understood, monarchies, which after all consist of a strong central government (the monarchy), are on the left side of the political spectrum. 



England’s Magna Carta of 1215, which reined in the king’s power and gave some of it to the people, was the foundation of America’s Constitution.

In any event, there is no surprise that the left (collectivism as a whole) should be chummy with any authoritarian form of government such as fascism, communism, globalism, monarchies, and Islam. 

The English monarchy siding with Islam makes perfect sense. 

The globalists have been stabbing the European (and American) people in the back for a long time, in a ploy to destroy nation-states and replace them with a borderless one-world government run by the elites. 



The “princess” may well be a swell person all in all, but she is a product of her environment and times, and it would be very odd indeed if she was not pro-Islam. 

Both the Left and Islam want to take over the world, and both despise freedom and capitalism, so they work together to bring about the destruction of western civilization — a marriage made in hell. 

They will eventually turn on each other, but for now their agendas (destruction of the West)

There is no question that she’s a looker.



Could she in fact be a natural blond?

This is something very serious and should not be taken lightly.

Does she have no understanding of Muslims have captured most of Eastern Europe and Africa?

Perhaps she is just an airhead.


Is she completely unaware of what happened to Germany’s Prime Minister, Angela Merkel? (Source)


Prince Charles is often photographed making a fool of himself when he is with his Muslim ‘brothers’

Meghan Markel has taken the Royal Family’s well-known soft spot for Muslims to new heights by frequenting a mosque with deep ties to multiple Islamic jihadis, including ISIS executioners.

 A Muslim community kitchen backed by Markle has been linked to 19 extremists connected to “terrorist acts.” 


The Duchess of Sussex with women in the Hubb Community Kitchen at the Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in West London 


It is also linked to Jihadi John, who became the face of ISIS’ depraved campaign of terror.

He has also said on the Islam Channel that women should not pray while on their period or cry when visiting graves. Meghan, 37, made secret visits to the Westbourne Grove centre.

But the Imam’s hardline preaching is likely to shock the Duchess, a passionate feminist campaigner.

The Royal visited the newly-renovated kitchen to help cook 200 meals for the local community.

HJS says the four Jihadi Beatles attended the mosque before they were charged with murdering and torturing hostages in Syria.

On women visiting graves, he says: “There is no harm but she will not cry to the extent to the point that she start screaming and stuff.”

Dr Alan Mendoza, executive director of the HJS, said the Duchess of Sussex had been “poorly advised” over her involvement with the mosque. “This is not one or two isolated cases but 19 separate individuals.

A Kensington Palace source said the “Hubb” is an independent project that leases space from Al Manaar, adding: “The project is empowering the women and helping provide some hope and joy to a community that has gone through unspeakable tragedy.”



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1 Response to England’s Magna Carta of 1215, was the foundation of America’s Constitution

  1. JAFC says:

    Harry’s gone a long way down-hill since he was the respected commander of a Ghurka company. But then again, his old man was a pretty decent Tin Can skipper before they made him marry Diana. And William would probably have preferred to stay (like his uncle Andrew was able to) a helicopter pilot.

    The current Royal Family (which began with George I) has always had a reputation for eccentricity (remember their prime poster-boy, George III?). But then again. The UK used to be a real country (Churchill rolled over in his grave decades ago), so their4 latest Royals antics aren’t worth the time and effort to follow. They’re on the same level as Griffins on Family Guy.


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