Why it’s highly unlikely the reader will find this article elsewhere

It’s completely against the narrative to cover stories where black are doing just fine.

This story isn’t being told because it shows that President Trumps Economic Policies are working for almost all. (Source)


Store traffic fell again on Black Friday—but it wasn’t all bad news.

Why not just get out among them ans slug it our for what your want?




A surge in online shopping and higher spending by low-income Americans gave a lift to the start of the holiday season, even as initial reports showed that foot traffic to traditional stores continued its long decline.

Support These 25 Black-Owned Businesses on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Source)



  • During Thanksgiving and Black Friday, traffic to U.S. stores fell 5%-9% compared with the same days last year, according to one estimate.


  • Internet sales for Wednesday through Black Friday were estimated to have surged 26.4% from a year earlier to $12.3 billion.


  • Meanwhile, as online shopping ramps up for the holidays, UPS is hoping that billions of dollars in system improvements this year will help it avoid shipping problems during the season.

I prefer to do my shopping from my home purchasing gifts from pricegrabber.com

Amazon, rarely, it’s run owned and operated by Jeff Bezos also owner operator of the Washington Posts another fake news rag.







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2 Responses to Why it’s highly unlikely the reader will find this article elsewhere

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Where are the spending numbers year over year? My guess is that total spending in terms of actual dollars is down for 2018 as compared to 2017. From an economic point of view, Americans just do not have as much spendable income this year.

    Car sales and home sales are down and declining more as we enter the year end.

    GM just announced the closing of several manufacturing plants and terminating thousands of employees. This news omits the trickle down effect of the decline in the auto industry as it spreads to all other related sales.

    Home sales are suffering as well and this trickles down to durable goods.

    The Economy is slowing down and growth has all but stopped in America. Of course, China has an even bigger problem since it cannot sell its goods to America if Americans are not buying.

    America represents a small fraction of the global population but a very large market it terms of purchasing power. Global population is estimated to be about 7.6 billion and America is estimated to be about 350 million. So America is less than .05% of the people. Europe is about the same size and there is not much else in terms of a market. South America is very small in terms of dollar size.

    So from an economic point of view as America and Europe go so goes the world. Less than 30% of the world’s population have any spendable income above the survival level. So, that leaves an estimated 5.2 billion people who do not have much including food, clothing and shelter.

    Thisb economic begs the question, “Where is China selling their cheaply manufactured goods?”


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