Media Begin Full Propaganda Push to Create Victim Narrative around Migrants…

Of course they would, this is their mission and their work, to keep the lies flowing to the ignorant in America.

I’ve asked this before and I’ll do it again.

Where in the U.S. Constitution does it authorize anyone so desiring so to enter the United States?

Sorry my one day friend it must be done legally with proper vetting and by the way that means you have to go back to your country of origin and get in line.



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H/T The Tactical Hermit

With the reality of hundreds of central American migrants attempting to overwhelm the U.S. southern border by force; and after weeks of denying the migration horde were a threat to U.S. immigration and national sovereignty; the media narrative engineers need to quickly respond with manufactured victim optics.

Almost a complete fabrication well coordinated by Soros and the U.N.



With a migration force consisting of 95% military-aged males, the media photo journalists, aka. ‘optical narrative engineers’, desperately seek out pictures of the few women and children to accompany their print propaganda [See Reuters].


The open border leftists, deploy almost  the same methods as used to represent the false image of Palestinians known as “Pallywood”. 

These insufferable efforts are manufactured for political consumption.



The media is made up  from those who want us to believe what is false while at the same time hiding the truths from us.

Please see my Facebook Page dedicated to media coverup and government lies.



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