Do you ever feel paranoid?

By Jim Campbell

November 24, 2018

As the saying goes, you’re not paranoid if you know they are out to get you.

It’s difficult to believe that members of congress spend much if any time looking out for the wants and need of their constituents.

Of course contributors to their election are frequently heard.



Their primary goal is to keep their congressional positions.

About WethePeople?

They couldn’t give a damn.

Unless there is a major photo-op involved.



Loud mouth Maxine waters on one of her “Impeach 45 campaigns.”

Don’t be surprised if she ends up floating in the Potomac, the victim of acute lead toxicity.

We are not advocating that, bit weird stuff happens to weird people in Washington.


Nothing more to see here, move along.



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2 Responses to Do you ever feel paranoid?

  1. JAFC says:

    This is the last thought that went through Louis XVI the very instant he felt the falling guillotine blade touch the back of his neck:



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