New Acting Attorney General Whitaker: ‘I would indict Hillary Clinton’

Comment by Jim Campbell

November, 10th, 2018

Just when we thought we had heard enough from her, along come President Trump’s Acting Attorney General claiming he would indict Hillary if given the chance.

Apparently he hasn’t heard of Clinton Body Bags or they don’t have one big enough to fit him.

Matthew Whitaker is a Pro-Trump Powerhouse!!

He’s highly intelligent and eats nails for breakfast.

Democrats are running scarred while melting across country.

Here Matt talks about a potential indictment of Hillary Clinton for her illegal email server.

Holder knows he will be going down as well.

It would be in the best interest of the Republic to keep this individual on permanently unless the president can find someone else who can breathe fire, scarf down red hot chicken wings, eat nails and drink beer at the same time.

There can be no rule of law if the Clinton’s and their minions continue to subvert it.




What would we do without the leftist racist media? 

Please see the Ingraham Angle above.




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7 Responses to New Acting Attorney General Whitaker: ‘I would indict Hillary Clinton’



  2. Rule of Law says:

    The “PLAN” as Q has referred to the strategy being used by President Trump is complex and must deal with the reality of the Sedition being allowed inside the Government mwhich these civil servants label mas RESIST.

    The U. S. Constitution has a different term for these folks actions and public opinions and that term is SEDITION. There are numerous “Loyalty” oaths required in the U. S. Constitution and the ACLU and assholes such as Obama, Clintons and Holder along with Lynch and many others have subverted the Constitution.

    The First Amendment is limited to the Freedom of Religion and does not extend to the LAW of the Land. Specifically, the Constitution has a prohibition against overthrowing the Law of the Land.

    The Supreme Court has a single focus, Law of the Land is the U. S. Constitution and all future laws must comply with the Law of the Land.

    Trump m is busy returning America back to the U. S. Constitution and stopping the Judicial System from making law with their rulings. Social Engineering is not a part of the U. S. Constitution and is not a subject that the courts should be focused upon! The Fourteenth Amendment is clear, all people are equal under the law. Sex, religion, skin color are not a distinguishing feature under the U. S. Constitution.

    If you are not sure what sex you are that is fine, but you are just a person and entitled to equal protection under the law – you are NOT ENTITLED to any special treatment. The same is true of – Black, White, Brown, Yellow, etc. skin color – these factors are not protected under the U. S. Constitution as a matter of law – all people are equal and the Law is very clear on this subject.

    People need to return to the basics of life – your actions are what is important not your skin color or history. Yes, there has been discrimination in the past and that discrimination was based on Religion, Skin Color, and other factors. BUT, the U. S. Constitution has made the Law of the Land in America – ALL PEOPLE are equal under the law. Simply read the 14th Amendment. Also, the Law applies to Citizens of the United States not refugees or guests.

    The entire text of the U. S. Constitution is available on the Internet and at every book store in America – if you look for it.

    Trumpm is returning America to the rule of law and he will not be stopped!


  3. JAFC says:

    Other than the downside of the court house (and the surrounding block) being burned down by angry mobs, it really isn’t such a bad idea. Justice for Hillary – what a concept!


    • JCscuba says:

      The place would be heavily guarded with Secret Service and National Guard, wouldn’t want the fat chick in the pants suit to get the Lee Harvey Oswald treatment. Ha


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