House member wins re-election from jail cell

Comments by Jim Campbell

November 8th, 2018

Indeed there are two term for ambulance chaser I’d never heard before,



Nope, the above term is not spelled incorrectly.



**This fool even tried to play the race card, saying he was selectively being prosecuted.

Reynolds, 45, who ran unopposed on Tuesday, turned himself into the Montgomery County Jail after being found guilty of five counts of barratry on Sept. 7.












Each state has set up rules for those who take part in this devious behavior.(Source)

“The court and jury were quietly listening to a little old woman describing an automobile accident in which she had been involved and upon which she was basing her suit for damages. (Source)

Things were going along smoothly until her lawyer asked her, “And what next to you remember, Mrs. Green?” to which she replied, “The next thing I remember is you helping me out of the car.”

Ron Reynolds



Democrat Ron Reynolds won a fifth term as state representative from behind bars.

The Missouri City lawyer was convicted in 2015 on charges of illegally soliciting clients and was sentenced to a year in jail.

He turned himself in after he ran out of appeals.



After being taken to jail, his office released a statement which included, in part: “Rep. Reynolds has full confidence that his experienced staff will be able to handle any immediate needs of his constituents, during his 4-6 month absence.”

This guy clearly has no shame!

According to the Texas Tribune, Reynolds’ conviction stemmed from a “2012 undercover investigation that revealed a chiropractic firm was persuading patients who had been injured in accidents to sign contracts that named Reynolds as their legal counsel before the patients had physical exams or even met him.”

It is unclear if he will have to serve his full year behind bars or if he will be let out in time for the start of the Texas Legislature, which begins its 86th regular session on Jan. 8.



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