UPDATE: The back story on Benghazi: The things we were not told

Comments by Jim Campbell

August 20th, 2018


As head of the CIA when the outpost at Benghazi was attacked, it seems highly probable that he was in the loop and involved in the death of U.S. Navy SEALS and those who fought their way to the U.S. Embassy in an attempt to save lives.


Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith


To add no the initial cover up, investigators have uncovered the facts that the outpost at Bengazi uncovered September shipment of SA-7 surface-to-air anti-craft missiles (i.e. MANPADS) and rocket-propelled grenades from Benghazi to Syria through southern Turkey.

That 400-ton shipment — “the largest consignment of weapons” yet for Syrian rebels — was organized by Abdelhakim Belhadj, who was the newly-appointed head of the Tripoli Military Council.

In March 2011 Stevens, the official U.S. liaison to the al-Qaeda-linked Libyan rebels, worked directly with Belhadj while he headed the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

In other words, most who have followed this woeful were aware of Benghazi but not what was going on there.

The actually U.S. Embassy in Tripoli was well know to those in the area.


We know now that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was in the know.

How else could she have known the attack would go on?

For her it’s another failure among a failure filled life.

For those who died there, it was the end.


If there is any true justice in our court system, Hillary Clinton’s duplicitous in the needless murders  of U.S. personnel require that she be hung for treason.

“Security Clearance ‘Affects’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s ‘Bottom Line in a Big Way.”  (Source)

Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), explained how former FBI Directors James Comey and Robert Mueller leveraged their government positions for self-enrichment.

He joined his colleague Seamus Bruner, a GAI researcher, to discuss the latter’s forthcoming book, Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption,

Hannity drew from Bruner’s new book, “James Comey’s net worth has skyrocketed 4000 percent. By the time he left [the Department of Justice] in 2005 and came back in 2013, [James] Comey made 6.1 million dollars after [Robert] Mueller granted his employer, Lockheed Martin — the largest contractor in history — a billion-dollar boondoggle.

 Under Mueller’s direction, the FBI granted multiple spy contracts to Lockheed Martin while Comey was advising them on the legality of their operations. Comey also received another six million dollars working for one of the world’s largest hedge funds and an additional $500,000 for unused vacation time.”

“Mueller cashed in, as well,” continued Hannity.

“In 2013, when Comey took over the FBI while Mueller left to start consulting at a consulting firm, he made more than 3.5 million in about year giving speeches and representing clients who had previously enriched his FBI director; clients like the world’s most profitable spy corporation.”

Apple and Facebook are both former clients of Mueller’s consulting firm, with the former providing Paul Manafort’s iCloud data to Mueller’s team of lawyers.

Hannity read, “Two of Mueller’s former clients are cooperating with the special counsel, Facebook [and] Apple.

Mueller’s former client, the paragon of privacy Apple Inc. provided the special counsel with access to Paul Manafort’s iCloud despite making a public spectacle protecting the San Bernardino terrorist’s privacy.

Mueller’s former client, and another paragon of privacy Facebook, may be cooperating with the special counsel voluntarily without a subpoena according to congressional testimony from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.”

Schweizer described Comey and Mueller as a “tag-team” engaged in the “revolving door” of “crony capitalism.”

“Jim Comey and Robert Mueller are very close friends,” said Schweizer. “They met each other in the 1990s at the Justice Department and have really been sort of this tag team from the beginning.

When one of them is in the private sector and one is in government, they steer contracts in the direction of people they’re affiliated with and vice-versa.

It’s a very troubling story that shows the revolving door applies every bit as much to these gentlemen, and crony capitalism applies every bit as much as it does to other people in Washington.”

Bruner said, “Mueller was senior vice president of Lockheed Martin and general counsel, so he was the top lawyer at the largest contractor in U.S. history.

Lockheed Martin gets about 50 billion dollars a year, 95 percent of that is in taxpayer money, and James Comey — who’s never been the general counsel of a corporation that large — comes in in 2005, and by 2009, he’s made 6.1 million dollars just in that year alone in cash and stock options, and that’s disclosed in SEC documents.”

“This is after Robert Mueller gives a program in 2008 called Next Generation Identification [to Lockheed Martin]. It is a surveillance program [with] biometric facial recognition, basically turning everyone’s face into a fingerprint.”

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) describes Next Generation Identification (NGI) as poised to become “the largest biometric database in the world”  which will include “fingerprints, iris scans, DNA profiles, voice identification profiles, palm prints, and photographs.”

It warns of NGI’s inclusion of “millions of individuals who are neither criminals nor suspects … in [its] database. Many of these individuals will be unaware that their images and other biometric identifiers are being captured [and used].”

Bruner said some federal contracts procured by the FBI during Mueller’s directorship were unlikely to have been competitively selected using best practices for procurement, including contracts valued as highly as $100 million.

“Like Peter said, [Comey and Mueller] kind of work as a tag team,” said Bruner. “So Robert Mueller leaves [the FBI directorship] in 2013, and James Comey takes over.

Mueller goes and sets up Robert Mueller and Associates, a consulting firm. He starts giving speeches — much like the Clinton’s do — and he returns to his old firm WilmerHale, and some of Mueller’s clients are really interesting characters.

You‘ve got Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc., both of those corporations are now cooperating with the special counsel.”

Bruner noted Apple’s refusal to comply with court orders directing it to unlock and decrypt the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the perpetrators, one of the perpetrators of the 2015’s Islamic terrorist mass murder attack in San Bernardino, CA.

“Apple Inc. kind of sells itself as a paragon of privacy, as if they’re going to keep your data private,” he said. “The San Bernardino terrorist is one very public example where they resisted court orders to unlock this terrorist’s phone.

Meanwhile, they cooperated with a subpoena from Robert Mueller’s special counsel for Paul Manafort’s iCloud.”

Hannity remarked, “Apple received a court order to give over Paul Manafort’s iCloud data while they refused a court order to unlock the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone.”

Schweizer explained how security clearances held by former government officials are monetized for self-enrichment.

“If you do not have a security clearance as a retired FBI director or former DOJ senior executive, if you do not have access to that security clearance, you can’t work for these contractors,” stated Schweizer.

“It’s not just an issue of John Brennan or James Comey or whoever having access to these clearances for purposes of knowing what’s going on. It actually affects their bottom line in a big way.”

Schweizer added, “This revolving door is a big problem. We know that it happens in the Pentagon.

We know that Health and Human Services people do favorable things for, say, a pharmaceutical company, and then they leave to go work for this pharmaceutical company.

The same thing is going on at FBI and DOJ and James Comey and Robert Mueller are involved in it.”

Schweizer explained the motivations behind political and news media recalcitrance towards President Donald Trump’s removal of security clearances from former Obama-era intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper.

“One of the reasons you’re going to see a lot of pushback and a lot of screaming on this issue of security clearances is that it goes to the heart of their ability to cash in,” said Schweizer. “If they don’t have a security clearance, they cannot cash in with these contractors in this way.

Schweizer went on, “It’s a huge issue, because if you work for a contractor, let’s say you’re a former assistant director of the FBI and you go work for Lockheed Martin or you go to Booz Allen Hamilton or one of these other consulting firms, you are working on classified projects and you need a security clearance.

So if you are John Brennan, for example, who was a contractor after he left the intelligence service, those opportunities dry up. Booz Allen Hamilton can’t hire you. Lockheed Martin can’t hire you to work on any intelligence programs, because those programs are classified.

Access to top secret security clearances is key if you are going to work for the multitude of contractors out there working in the national security or the intelligence space.”

The American Spectator

“The real story about John Brennan’s security clearance is not that he lost it under a Republican president, but that he even had one at all.

One of the peculiar footnotes of Brennan’s history is that he obtained a position in Bill Casey’s CIA after having supported the Soviet-backed American Communist Party at the height of the Cold War.



Had Casey conducted the polygraph test in which Brennan admitted to voting for Soviet proxy Gus Hall in 1976, Casey would have tossed him out of the office.

Casey hated communists.

Whoever hired Brennan must have been a Deep State holdover from the Carter years.

Brennan was a security risk from the start — an anti-American radical of staggering proportions who should never have been permitted within a hundred-mile radius of Langley.”




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3 Responses to UPDATE: The back story on Benghazi: The things we were not told

  1. Rule of Law says:

    I do not understand how the FACT that Brennan was a devout Muslim keeps falling through the cracks. Muslims take an Oath to accept the jihad to kill all Americans, Actually any non-believer which makes all Muslims terrorists.

    Brennan was a traitor and committed treason many times over. He was leaking secrets to the enemy – aid and comfort to the enemy which is treason.

    The Rule of Law demands he be tried and once found guilty – executed !


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