Mother Superior of Stupidity: Nancy Pelosi

Jim Campbell,

August 20th, 2028

There are absolutely no strings of negative adjectives that can be used to discuss the intellectual acumen of this terminally vapid woman.

If she were black and joined the Congressional Black Caucus she would lower the groups combined I.Q.



That’s not a guess it’s a fact.

Her only claim to fame has been to raise money.

Exactly how tough would that be in a city inhabited by liberal loons?










Image: Courtesy of Star Wars: The Bar Scene.

Since her own progressive “Klingons,” are likely to choose a new speaker 



(Source) likely in the minority seat where she belongs, she would do well to focus on the needle strewn gutters and shit filled streets her constituents must avoid. (Source)



Seriously? Tell that to people who are paying their rent and putting food on the table.

Pelosi gets her ass handed to her at her own town hall meeting.



Screw the ranchers needs



It’s time to get the hook on this broad.



Apparently she doesn’t give a damn about our national sovereignty.

A deep thinker she is not!




She and her other progressive minions want new future voters to which they will one day pander,

I’m betting President Trump gets his wall.






If they do, and feet hit the ground, sound activated Claymore mines would go off on the other side.

Problem solved




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1 Response to Mother Superior of Stupidity: Nancy Pelosi

  1. Rule of Law says:

    Nancy Pelosi is past due for retirement. Not sure why she stayed in Congress or how the DNC decided she was fit to be their leader and spokesperson.

    Rumor has it that she had a long term affair (relationship) with Robert Mueller.

    Pelosi was in fact a Queen of the Auto repair industry a long time ago.

    Pelosi operates outside the Rule of Law and needs to be held accountable for her illegal acts!


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