Cardinal Burke: ‘Very Grave Problem of Homosexual Culture in the Church’

Comments by Jim Campbell

August 17th 2018

Child molesting priests should expect no different treatment that pedophiles  in the rest of the sane world.

If they are found guilty, no Catholics on the jury please, they should expect prison with their cell mates abusing them as well.

Cardinal Raymond Burke has called for “open recognition” of the Catholic church’s homosexual culture in light of recent revelations of sexual abuse.



The Good Cardinal had a good thing going for him.



All he need do was color his hat pink, his cell mates will enjoy that as they practice the Golden Rule several times a day on him.

It’s said, “When on thin ice don’t dance.

These guys need to start digging a very deep hole, all the way to China.

Borja Sanchez-Trillo/Getty Images

“I believe that there needs to be an open recognition that we have a very grave problem of a homosexual culture in the Church,” Burke said in an interview Thursday, “especially among the clergy and the hierarchy, that needs to be addressed honestly and efficaciously.”

The former head of the church’s equivalent of the Supreme Court said it was already “clear after the studies following the 2002 sexual abuse crisis that most of the acts of abuse were in fact homosexual acts committed with adolescent young men.”

“There was a studied attempt to either overlook or to deny this,” he said, referring to the mainstream media cover-up of the homosexual nature of the abuse as well as such denial within the church itself.

“Now it seems clear in light of these recent terrible scandals that indeed there is a homosexual culture, not only among the clergy but even within the hierarchy, which needs to be purified at the root,” Burke said.

The cardinal’s analysis of the situation coincides with another report, also released on Thursday, by the president of the Catholic League, Bill Donohue.

In his report, Mr. Donohue, who is a trained sociologist, decried the ongoing “media cover-up of the role played by gay molesters” in the church.

Referring to the 2004 John Jay study on the sexual abuse crisis in the United States, Donohue notes that “81 percent of the victims were male, 78 percent of whom were post-pubescent.”

Since all of the abusers were male and most of the victims were post-pubescent males, “that is a problem called homosexuality,” Donohue stated.

Despite the media’s insistence on referring to a pedophilia crisis, the report revealed that “less than five percent” of the cases involved pedophilia, Donohue said, and studies done in subsequent years report approximately the same ratio.

Sorry they went after little girls as well, keep your story straight. (Source)

“It’s been a homosexual scandal all along,” he said.

“No amount of compassion for those who have been violated by priests should ever be done at the expense of telling the truth, no matter how unpopular it may sound. To do otherwise is cowardly, shameful, and unjust,” he said.



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2 Responses to Cardinal Burke: ‘Very Grave Problem of Homosexual Culture in the Church’

  1. Rule of Law says:

    This story when coupled with the Obama obsession with making gay and transsexual behavior an acceptable practice is an interesting revelation. Obama appears to be a big part of the problem.

    Obama went so far as to mandate this behavior in the Military and to make the taxpayers responsible for sex change operation costs.

    The Catholic Church has a big problem and it needs to be totally exposed and corrected.

    Trump is leading a crusade to return to the Rule of Law and to have government protect these children.

    The time is now to return America to the Rule ofn Law and expose the corruption in Government as much as possible.


  2. Many mill stones needed 😒


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