Further evidence that the media is the enemy of the state

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 4th, 2018

In an absolute tribute to her professionalism, White House Spokesperson, Sara Sanders repeatedly destroys CNN Fake News reporter Jimmy Acosta, as he keeps coming back for more.

Here’s Your A$$ Back Acosta, She’s Through Kicking it…….



One would have thought he would have cut his losses, but no, being a shill for the anti-Trump movement and the progressives in congress he could not control himself.

Well done Sarah.

CNN’s Jim Acosta long ago established himself as a self-important, grandstanding jerk.


What Acosta tried to do in yesterday’s White House briefing under the guise of asking a question was basically demanding that Sarah Sanders make a declaration on the media’s behalf,  in conflict with what the president had said.


The only thing that would happen if she did is that the media would hyperventilate over her supposedly contradicting her boss, which I believe was Acosta’s whole objective in asking the question in the first place. 


VIDEO: Too good to miss!


Some in the media are enemies of the people, precisely because they are so willing to distort the truth (or hide it completely)  just to score the partisan points they’re after.

Finally loosing her cool, Sarah retorts!


Proof below that it’s time to require I.Q, tests for White House Correspondents.

A tasteful bitch slapping below.


Yes, their job is very important, which is why it’s such a big problem when they don’t do it responsibly or honestly.

The American electorate is far to under-educated to determine facts form blatant fiction.

Keeping in mind that verifiable facts are rarely if ever used.

And no one is more guilty of that than lowly Jim Acosta, and once respected CNN



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