Trump deals with the European Union

By Jim Campbell

July 28, 2018

Hillary Clinton is still making rumblings that she may go for the trifecta in humiliation by getting here corpulent behind steam rolled for a third time completing the trifecta of humiliation, being the only serious candidate to receiving such a drubbing. (Source)

She in fact is planning a presidential run. (Source)

Imagine waking up in the morning with this harridan  in the same house.

Is there any reason Slick didn’t suffer from the C.W.P.S?

That would be the Chronically Wandering Pecker Syndrome.



Clueless and on the way to being routed by Trump in 2016 Hillary Clinton is Bat Shit Crazy

For those educated in California completing the trifecta of humiliation means getting her ass kicked.

If Hillary were to run again, the pace of the campaign would likely kill her which would be a good thing for American and the world.

Imagine had she beat President Trump in 2016.

No job growth, no improvement in the nations G.D.P.

No housing boom among all racial lines.

What’s not to like?

Nope she would have raised taxes, redistributed wealth and likely sent the economy into a recession/depression.



The words to the Beatles song below were quite telling about the tax system in England at the time.

19-for the government and 1 kept by those who generated the work product.

Socialism is socialism no matter how you slice it.



Hillary Clinton belongs in prison, let her run from there if she isn’t hung or shot first.





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