Propaganda, Brand Marketing, & Guerrilla Movements

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 20th, 2018


It’s true, we have found a person perhaps not quite as evil as Hillary Clinton, but then again  she just got her training wheels.

In the video below she is well spoken yet seems incredibly naive.

Her brand of Marxism,” is nothing more than a road to communism, a completely failed economic system unless it is propped up by capitalism.


H/T Jim O’Neill

I believe that the end of this commie bimbo’s “15 minutes of fame” is just around the corner. 

Turns out that aside from a “gift” for parroting far-left talking points she has no discernible talents. 

She has the intellectual depth of a mud puddle, and Crowley will run against her in November, and you can bet that this time around he will bring all his big guns with him.



It’s true for propaganda purposes as well as other types of advertising a picture can say more than a million words.

Above, ISIS member sitting atop a Russian Mig with his flag.

Read, think, and think again. (Source)

– Who are you?

– What are your goals?

– What are your opponents’ goals?

– What messages would advance your goals?



– What messages would defeat your opponents’ goals?

– How will those messages be best disseminated?

And remember this previous WRSA masthead:

“The best form of propaganda is to simply tell the truth.”



Bernie Sanders has already “Trumped” her so to speak, shows no inclination that he will not run against President Trump in 2020 and at best they well knock each other off and loose “Biggly.”

H/T Source



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1 Response to Propaganda, Brand Marketing, & Guerrilla Movements

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Milton had a different vision as to Capitalism


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