The more Mueller digs, the more unsavory characters are dug up who do not help his case

By Jim Campbell

July 12, 2018

Another bad week for the FBI, Robert Mueller and his train to nowhere while wasting the taxpayer’s money.

The longer this investigation goes on, more swamp creatures are exposed none of which bode well for Mueller and his zealots.

Take for example the recent finding that Rod Rosenstein’s wife, Mueller’s Director apparently defended both Clinton’s in their illegal activities.

Mueller has told the President’s attorneys that President Trump is  a subject but not a target of his criminal investigation. (Source)

This means nothing, see the link above.


Barsoomian  represented Hillary Clinton, between 1991 to 2017; she also represented Bill Clinton, James Comey, Barack Obama, Kathleen Sebellius and Robert Muller.

Not only is corrupt little snake Rod Rosenstein involved in the Hillary Clinton Uranium One deal, his wife Lisa Barsoomian a prominent attorney in DC actually represented the Clinton Crime Family.

Rod Rosenstein  exonerated Hillary Clinton from Whitewater scandal,

This presents yet another conflict of interest for Rosenstein that the media seems to be ignoring.

How could Hillary Clinton ever face any type of justice if the deputy attorney general of the United States’ spouse is a Clinton attorney and representative?


Her name is Lisa Barsoomian.

Rod Rosenstein’s Wife Lisa Barsoomian represented Bill Clinton

The more you dig into the this whole Robert Mueller witch hunt the more corruption you find with basically everyone involved.

The guy who actually appointed Robert Mueller to conduct his tax payer funded witch hunt with Clinton lackeys is married to a Clinton attorney.

The Russians couldn’t have set this up any better.

I’m sure Lisa Barsoomian is a top notch attorney.

She did get to where she is today because of name recognition.

Both’s Clinton used her as an attorney, how could you argue her credentials?

At least Rosenstein married well.



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1 Response to The more Mueller digs, the more unsavory characters are dug up who do not help his case

  1. Rule of Law says:

    Interesting how the corruption circle is closing in on a very select top group of players that go back many years.

    Clinton = Bill and Hill
    Whop knows the full list, BUT it is a powerful group of LIARS.

    The noose is tightening around these folks. The FBI and DOJ were and may still be protecting them. How sad that the People will need to take action to expose these criminals. Judicial Watch is doing a great job as is Q Anon.

    Trump and the NSA coupled with the Military is pealing back the onion – my eyes are watering!


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